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August 23, 2021 @ 1:00 am - 9:00 am

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I wanted to test the system and see how it dealt with the content.

Suteja is the main teacher and co-founder of InnerTreasureHunt.com, a learning platform dedicated to self-healing and balancing the planet through the application of ancient wisdom. By combining studies of global civilizations with her experiences healing herself and others, Suteja has discovered practical ways to use esoteric knowledge.

Suteja has been a teacher and practitioner of many healing disciplines. She is an Ayurvedic Specialist, Pancha Karma Specialist, Reiki Master, Myofascial Release Therapist, and spiritual counselor specializing in shadow work, Toltec healing, emotional release, and self-healing through mandalas.


(In her own words)  I’ve studied spirituality and healing for nearly half a century but became a healer almost by accident. It began with a spontaneous spiritual experience when I was twelve years old which started my life-long quest to discover the mysteries of the universe. I studied and practiced yoga and naturopathy in my teens and started seeing people in consultation when I was sixteen. I wanted to understand more of the human psyche, so I studied psychology along with theology at university.


I read many fields which, on the surface, seemed to have nothing to do with each other. But the core principles were the same. These studies gave me a very strong foundation to see the common denominators in different traditions and philosophies. Through reading I realized that the main part of spiritual work is not in the library but in real life. My specialty became finding practical applications to high philosophical concepts. I realized that if the concept has merit, it should be able to give us something that we can use in our daily life.


After graduation I needed to answer for myself the mystical question, “Who am I?” So I lived a monastic life for more than a decade, exploring the esoteric side of religions. It was there that I discovered that many traditions have a common belief in a Golden Age, described as a renewal of consciousness for humanity. I learned that this Golden Age required a purification, and I started my own transformation.


Later, at a very traumatic time in my life I became sick with a mysterious illness and Western medicine couldn’t help me. I began my quest for self-healing and studied with amazing teachers who helped me explore many modalities. Surprisingly, each modality cleared a specific layer for me.


  • With Myofascial Release Therapy I experienced what is known as tissue memory and the release of traumas.
  • With Ayurveda I learned to change my diet according to my constitution and supplement myself with amazing therapeutic substances such as herbs, oils, and diverse rejuvenative mixtures.
  • With Reiki I learned to use my connection with the universe to heal myself and others.
  • With Shiatzu I got a glimpse of the meridian system and how to work with these threads of light within us.
  • With Toltec teachings I discovered how to work with the forces of nature in healing.
  • By painting mandalas, I connected with my own chakra system.
  • By studying different types of astrology I understood my destiny and could help others find their way.

That’s how I became a healer without looking for it. Depending on the needs of my clients, I used a combination of techniques because they address different layers. A human being is like an onion with many layers: physical, vital, emotional, mental, causal, and spiritual.  After years of practice working with people, I was able to confirm an insight that I’d had about my own healing, namely that we can’t fully heal until we understand the cause of our illness.


In other words, the key to healing is awareness! This principle is such an important key that I often saw people heal instantaneously once they were able to witness their own wounding. My greatest joys and treasure troves are when I can find some rare esoteric concept confirmed by modern research. For me, Truth becomes absolute. I call this the “The Truth of the Sixth Sun,” when something is true beyond space and time. When I find concordance between a system of the past and a new discovery, this is the sign for me that I am on the right track.


What are my hopes? In a small way, if Inner Treasure Hunt helps even just one person to feel creative and empowered, I am happy. In a universal way, I hope for a smooth transition to the Sixth Sun for everyone.


August 23, 2021
1:00 am - 9:00 am


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