harmonizing mandala


… find your own path and understand your own subconscious mind?

… harmonize your relationships with your parents and your past?

… expand your consciousness to encompass the forces of nature and the cosmos?

Many of us struggle with emotions such as anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, recurring anger, chronic pain, or depression. Or we feel that we’re missing something and wish we could manifest a better future. The “Harmonizing” program helps you find guidance and opportunities to come back to your heart regarding the complex issues of modern life. Practices grounded in ancient traditions reconnect you with the forces of nature for your own spiritual evolution and the highest good of the planet. Strengthen your personal boundaries, stop being triggered by parental figures, and feel relief from emotional issues. Attend this exclusive online program any time that works for you, from anywhere, 24/7. Give yourself the gift of balance and harmony and reap the rewards that only an inner treasure hunt can provide. Start your profound spiritual journey today!

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Harmony Mandala



If you are experiencing tremendous change right now and living through the chaos and confusion that often comes with change, you are not alone. All of humanity is feeling this shift, which is actually a shift of consciousness. Transitioning to a higher state of consciousness requires you to stay stable when everything is moving around you. It is possible for you to become aware of what needs transformation inside of you and in your life, and to take steps that result in you being more balanced and living in harmony with the world around you. “Harmonizing” is designed to assist you in this experience. 


Now more than ever it is important to harmonize your life so you can attune with the higher frequency that the world is evolving towards. As announced in many ancient traditions, humanity is experiencing a new era, described as the Age of Aquarius (replacing the Pisces Age), the Golden Age (replacing the Iron Age), or as the Toltec described it, the 6th Sun replacing the 5th Sun. This higher frequency is the time to develop your subtle perceptions and deeply experience the harmonizing forces of nature within and outside of yourself. Seeking balance today will help you achieve your goals and impact your destiny.


Uncover the mysteries of the universe and achieve inner harmony without decades of spiritual work and shamanic training. Each of the four sessions consists of a 15-minute lesson and a 45-minute meditation practice. Through learning and practice, come to know yourself and reconnect with the forces of nature for your own spiritual evolution and the highest good of the planet. In this program you will align with the energies of the new era, a time of unity with different realms, planes of existence, and non-human consciousness. Drawing on multiple ancient traditions, be able to immediately put into practice what you experience to enhance your life every day. 



You may ask “What’s in it for me?” and the answer is, plenty! This highly transformative session supports you during this time of formidable transition so you can find a new grounding and build a constructive frame of mind to envision your future. Let go of what is burdening you and change your mood and your frequency. Receive intuitive guidance to gain insight into your own path and shape your future self. Attune yourself to new higher spiritual vibrations that empower your own transformation. Cultivate a positive state of mind despite the difficulties and trials of the time and achieve your spiritual goals.


“Harmonizing” is appropriate for anyone of any age and background, including those who have not yet found a personal path. The non-denominational program provides information and practical suggestions you can apply immediately. You can learn alone or with friends and family. Plus, you can learn any time and any place you want, 24/7. To hear more about how others have benefitted from Inner Treasure Hunt programs, visit the TESTIMONIALS page at innertreasurehunt.com to hear from students, seekers and practitioners. Give yourself the gift of consciousness and reap the rewards that only an inner treasure hunt can provide. Attune yourself to the new energy of harmonizing today! Why wait?

Harmony Mandala



Session 1 – Harmonize your subconscious with Saturn, Jupiter, and the Pleiades; encounter your own subconscious; eliminate negative emotions that weigh on you.

Session 2 – Harmonize your relationship with Mother Earth; ground yourself in the core of the earth; create a new foundation that supports you in everything you do.



Session 3 –Harmonize your relationship with the Sun; build an inner light that supports your self-confidence; awaken a new awareness within yourself.

Session 4 – Harmonize your relationship with your Self; heal your human self; connect with your higher self; love who you are; keep this higher frequency with you in everything you do.

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