Inner Treasure Hunt Testimonials

A Personal Perspective, by Lana

Suteja is definitely one of the pioneers in healing and spirituality. She has condensed her teachings and streamlined extremely complex ideas from various ancient practices into short, easy-to-digest lessons and meditations which positively impact my daily life.

Suteja’s meditations are very creative and practical, esoteric as well, based on ancient teaching, cosmic theology, and the cycles of nature. Her lessons teach me things about life that I didn’t know, and meditations with her are always deep, epic, and bring me to a new depth of consciousness and awareness. In a way, you are traveling through time and space with her meditations.

I love that Suteja always empowers her students to find their truth through facilitating the exploration of the subconscious. Through her meditations, I’ve been able to dive deeper into my subconscious and have started to lucid dream/astral travel. Her meditations helped me cultivate a sense of peace and acceptance during the lockdown period, when I was feeling so lost and isolated.

Suteja’s understanding of the human shadow is unparalleled. While she leads one to dive deep into one’s dark side (necessary in spiritual traditions as a warrior), she always, inevitably brings one back to the light. Her meditations always bring the practitioner back to “Earth” with grounding.

Suteja is humble, wise, and kind. Her work is driven by her desire to spread the light, rather than from a place of ego. She doesn’t believe she is anyone’s guru: her humility, despite her years of training, is honest and extraordinary. I believe this is why her work is of the highest integrity.

Suteja is a master teacher and healer whose knowledge of healing and shadow work are unparalleled. And she walks her talk while being extremely modest and seeing everyone’s light. This integrity is rare in the spiritual community, as I’ve found that many teachers may not have done the work on their shadow or do not have the level of training and knowledge Suteja possesses.

I highly, and probably will only, recommend Suteja’s work given her vast and in-depth understanding of healing, the cosmos, esoteric arts, and the subconscious mind. I am deeply honored to be trained by Suteja.

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