How to Free Yourself from Attachment to Pleasure

attachment to pleasure

In this meditation, you will have the opportunity to clear and unroot from your subconscious mind the second flaw of humanity: Attachment to Pleasure. There is nothing wrong with pleasure but attachment to pleasure can lead to addiction.

Inspired by a Toltec practice called “the removal of the flints or black feathers,” you will feel the effect of your work immediately as a sense of relief, a beautiful lightness in your whole being. You will then focus the power of your mind on a luminous vision of your life on earth without attachment to pleasure and filled with the light and love of the golden age.

Based on the Toltec tradition, the collective unconscious of humanity harbors five major flaws that can have a detrimental influence on your destiny:

  1. Dishonesty
  2. Addiction to Pleasure
  3. Arrogance
  4. Attachment to Suffering
  5. Injustice

The goal is to be free from the terrible weight and suffering that still permeates the collective subconscious in this time of transition from the 5th Sun (a time characterized by injustice) to the 6th Sun (a time of peace and balanced spirituality).

This session is part of a series of five meditations, each of them addressing one of the major flaws of humanity. This is a unique chance for you to stop detrimental programs that create illnesses, self-sabotage, depression, and imbalances in your life so you can recover your natural state of perfect health and happiness.

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