Moon Magic Mandala

Moon Magic

This mandala represents the second chakra, the energy center below your navel. Often associated with sensuality or sexuality, this chakra is the part of you that allows you to enjoy life. It plays a role in attracting your soulmate and finding the missing pieces of who you are so you can feel complete.

The sun and the moon share equally the center of this mandala in a harmonious balance. When I was painting this mandala, I kept seeing images of a royal wedding in India celebrating the sacred union of two opposite polarities. For the geometry and colors, I followed the symbolism of the Hindu tradition, which represents the second chakra by a bright red six-petal lotus.

This mandala is about two energies becoming one in order to create. For me, this is the womb of the divine mother, the source of creation and creativity, the beginning and end of all things. This mandala speaks to the bliss that is found in unity beyond duality.

I hope this mandala helps you resonate with joy and happiness and bring pleasure into every aspect of your life.

– Suteja

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