Rhythm of Life Mandala

Rhythm of Life

This mandala represents the Earth element and Mother Earth. It evokes the three levels of the dreamworld where the astral body goes after you fall asleep: the place underneath the earth called the underworlds; the ordinary world we know at the surface; and the Heavens above. This mandala connects with the energy of life given in abundance by mother Nature, which makes everything grow.

The number four that symbolizes completion appears in many forms: the square in the center; the four seasons; the sacred directions with the four trees; and adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine, the four components of DNA, one of the building blocks of life.

I painted many versions of this mandala over the course of months. I was on a quest for the perfect representation of my love towards Mother Earth, and Mother Earth’s love for all creatures and the whole of creation. We are part of something beautiful and there is a Divine order supporting all of us.

I hope this mandala will create infinite abundance for you as well as a solid foundation for anything you want to build in your life.

– Suteja

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