How to Free Yourself from Injustice


In this meditation you will have the opportunity to clear and unroot from your subconscious mind the fifth and last flaw of humanity: Injustice. Injustice is defined as either the absence or the opposite of justice, a quality relating to unfairness or undeserved outcomes.

Injustice is the flaw of the 5th sun, the period of 6000 years, which is ending now, so, it means that this flaw has accumulated during this whole time, creating anger, resentment and war among family members, people, races and countries.

What creates injustice in our world? Injustice seems to be the result of all the other flaws we worked with, combined: Dishonesty, Addiction to pleasure, Arrogance and Attachment to suffering.

  1. Dishonesty is about taking advantage of a situation or a person, which in long term leads to injustice.

2. Attachment to pleasure is a strong motivation for some people to disregards the right of others, just because one wants to keep their privileges, which creates injustice.

3. Arrogance, which is at the origin of injustice, is about some people thinking they are superior, forcing others to diminish their aspirations and their light or live in servitude.

4. Attachment to pain is the glue that keeps you in a low frequency and perpetuates your desire to be punished over and over again for the same mistake, which is a very unfair system!

At the soul level, we are all made of the same substance: light. Forgetting who we are allows the very concept of injustice to take roots in our subconscious, and us to forget about our Divine origins. You may have inherited a heavy pattern of injustice from your parents, grandparents, or ancestors, thereby subconsciously repeating their limiting beliefs and their tendencies to be a perpetrator or a victim.

Thankfully, you can remove this collective flaw of injustice from your energy field. The goal is to reopen your mind to possibilities you thought were impossible, such as living a world in which peace, equality and harmony are the driving forces. According to the Toltec tradition, humanity lived through five previous eras or “Suns.” Each of these suns ended because of a terrible flaw, which still affects the collective subconscious.

Inspired by a Toltec practice called “the removal of the flints or black feathers”, you will feel the effect of your work immediately as a sense of relief, a beautiful lightness in your whole being. You will then focus the power of your mind on a luminous vision of your life on earth, in which everything is fair and just as it always should be.

This session is part of a series of five meditations, each of them addressing one of the major flaws of humanity. This is a unique chance for you to stop detrimental programs that create illnesses, self-sabotage, depression and imbalances in your life so you can recover your natural state of perfect health and happiness.

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