Your True Nature as Light – pt 1: In and out of the Black Hole 5/11/2024

If you feel like a sailor on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean with no wind to push you in a specific direction, you are not the only one. If you feel a bit frustrated, confused and stuck in the unknown, know that beyond the discomfort that you are experiencing, you are at the right place right now. Trust your intuition and learn about what this time is about.

Something as changed and this feeling is affecting most of us collectively. This time is epic, and nothing matters more than for you to reconnect with who you really are and your own truth. What does this mean and what can you do to feel empowered and inspired?

We mentioned previously that the law of karma is ending. Once you have dealt with your own karma and you are free from negative patterns, your work is to welcome a new dynamic into your life that will propel you into a new frequency, a new life that the ancients called the 6th Sun or the Golden Age. This requires you to be actively seeking what you are made of beyond karma.

Our new series of six meditations will bring your attention on “Your True Nature as Light,” so you can discover who you really are beyond blind fate or karma ruining your best efforts, hopes, and aspirations. You are now the co-creator of your life, the writer of your own book of life. Finding the path of your highest destiny starts with connecting with your center and aligning on a powerful intention which will give a new direction to your life!

The meditations will be conducted “satsang style.” Satsang is a Sanskrit word, composed of two parts. “Sat” means purity or truth and “Sanga” means group or association. Traditionally, satsang referred only to a gathering in the presence of a true enlightened being. In modern times, satsang has evolved to mean a gathering in which spiritual teachings, reflection, discussion, and meditation take place to awaken each participant to their own wisdom and inner peace.

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