Your True Nature as Light – pt 2: Come Into Your Light with the Spirit of the Hawk 5/25/2024

To help you through an intense time, this meditation uses the shamanic power of the hawk to clear out detrimental patterns then rejoice in your true nature as light.

The hawk symbolizes the ability to rise above the earthly realm and view life from a higher vantage point, giving you back your natural power and divine inspiration. In this way you can unify your conscious with your subconscious to let them both shine through.

The meditation is conducted “satsang style.” Satsang is a Sanskrit word, composed of two parts. “Sat” means purity or truth and “Sanga” means group or association. Traditionally, satsang referred only to a gathering in the presence of a true enlightened being. In modern times, satsang has evolved to mean a gathering in which spiritual teachings, reflection, discussion, and meditation take place to awaken each participant to their own wisdom and inner peace.

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