Ancient Wisdom This Week

September 21-October 6, 2022

The Week Ahead

This is a time to stand still. From the new moon (Sept 25) to the full moon (Oct 9) you can really benefit becoming very quiet and humbly listening to the voice of wisdom inside yourself. This is not an easy task because your thoughts may be screaming at you, sending contradictory messages. It’s like being tossed around on a boat in the middle of the ocean’s fury, yet finding calm in the eye of the storm where everything stops.


The battlefield happens in your mind, in your thought processes. Maybe you oscillate between feeling stuck in the mud and feeling overwhelmed by the desire to burn bridges and charge ahead. What is going on? What is creating this inner pressure?

The next two weeks are under the influence of the Sept 25th new moon, starting a new cycle of experience. At the time of the new moon, Mercury (representing the mind) is both retrograde and combust, which means that if you observe your own train of thoughts, you realize that you may be both caught up in the darkness of the past (Mercury retrograde) while simultaneously projecting yourself steps ahead into the future. You may imagine rushing ahead and reaching the conclusion of your journey, but then what?

What can support you on this roller coaster? Mental flexibility will help you find the path of balance between these two opposing forces. The mind cannot give you the solution to your issues, which is why inner silence, patience, and humility are the keys to your happiness. This is about controlling the damages that can be caused by hasty decisions without stagnating in the same old patterns.

The other major event of this time of the year is the Autumn Equinox that occurs on September 22. The Autumn equinox is one of the four doors of the sun with the spring equinox and the two solstices. The four doors of the sun are major times where energy shifts, which manifests in nature as changes in season. Your soul feels these subtle changes and adjusts to them in a unique way, depending on what is happening for you.

An Equinox marks the very special time of the year in which the nights are equal to the days, imprinting your energy field with the deep desire to put an end to the constant drama of life and experience maturity and wisdom, a state of unity beyond all dualities.

To help you find the path of least resistance that leads to harmony and bliss, on September 24, we will celebrate the new moon with a guided imagery practice in which you will dive into the imaginary ocean of your subconscious. The goal is to gain clarity on your inner processes and come back with the treasure of many insights.

I wish you two amazing weeks of taming the mind and relying on your inner wisdom and intuition to navigate the tumultuous waters of the time. Use this time to go inward, exploring the depth of your subconscious to get a better idea of the battle that is at play for you personally.

Weekly Video Message

The weekly video message is an informal check-in where you can benefit from Suteja’s experience and wisdom to support your own self-healing.

Oct 8 Full Moon Meditation

Many people talk about feeling a loss, feeling lost, or having difficulty finding their direction in life right now. What about you? Are you experiencing confusion and lack of inner guidance in your life?

According to the Toltec tradition, which is at the origin of the Aztec calendar, the year 2022 is a year that makes you more of who you are, accentuating your natural tendencies, flaws, and bad habits, so you can become aware of the root of your suffering and become free from it.

On March 12, 2022, the Toltec New Year started a new energy under the symbolic influence of a specific number and glyph of the Aztec calendar: the 10-Rabbit. The rabbit, which reproduces at the speed of the 28-day cycle of the moon symbolizes proliferation. Similarly, the number 10 refers to remultiplication and growth.

We are now six months into the Toltec year 10-Rabbit, the half-way milestone of this specific collective lesson. This is a great time to reflect on what you learned and understood about your own rabbits or bad habits.

In this meditation you’ll have an opportunity to think about the dormant subconscious patterns that have been activated for you these past few months, patterns that make you feel weak or challenge you. You’ll look at internal issues that maybe you thought were resolved but have been awakened and amplified by the 10-Rabbit energy. And you’ll stand at a distance from, and gain objectivity about, your deepest wounds so you can resolve these internal issues and heal.

On October 8 at 5pm, come join us to celebrate the full moon through introspection and meditation. Together we will understand the mysterious influence of the year 2022 on our lives, our emotions and decisions through reflection and practice. This is your chance to integrate the spiritual work that you are meant to do this year in preparation for a new consciousness that the Toltec called the 6th sun.

The celebration is live online and includes a short lesson, an in-depth meditation, and a Q&A where together we can dive more deeply into ideas and experiences from the session.

You can attend online events for free – just register on the Events page at And members of Inner Treasure Hunt can access the library of recorded meditations any time. We hope to see you October 8. 

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September Moon Cycle: Daily Start & End Times

All times are Pacific 

Day 6: start Sep 1, 8:56 am – finish Sep 2, 9:37 am/ T6, T7 / xiphoid process

Day 7: start Sep 2, 9:38 am – finish Sep 3, 11:08 am/ T4, T5 / heart

Day 8: start Sep 3, 11:09 am – finish Sep 4, 10:50 am / T2, T3 / middle of upper chest

Day 9: start Sep 4, 10:51 am – finish Sep 5, 9:40 am / C7, T1 / base of the throat

Day 10: start Sep 5, 9:41 am – finish Sep 6, 8:20 am / C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

Day 11: start Sep 6, 8:21 am – finish Sep 7, 6:15 am / C1, C2 / roof of the palate

Day 12: start Sep 7, 6:16 am – finish Sep 8, 5:10 am / third eye

Day 13: start Sep 8, 5:11 am – finish Sep 9, 4:05 am/ back of the head

Day 14: start Sep 9, 4:06 am – finish Sep 10, 2:58 am / top of the head

Day 15: start Sep 10, 2:59 am – finish Sep 11, 4:55 am / back of the head

Day 16: start Sep 11, 4:56 am – finish Sep 12, 6:35 am / third eye

Day 17: start Sep 12, 6:36 pm – finish Sep 13, 8:15 am / C1, C2 / roof of the palate

Day 18: start Sep 13, 8:16 am – finish Sep 14, 9:35 am / C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

Day 19: start Sep 14, 9:36 pm – finish Sep 15, 11:35 am / C7, T1 / base of the throat

Day 20: start Sep 15, 11:36 pm -finish Sep 16, 1:20 pm / T2, T3 / middle of upper chest

Day 21: start Sep 16, 1:21 pm – finish Sep 17, 2:52 pm / T4, T5 / heart

Day 22: start Sep 17, 2:53 pm – finish Sep 18, 6:50 pm / T6, T7 / xiphoid process

Day 23: start Sep 18, 6:51 pm – finish Sep 19, 10:00 pm / T8, T9, T10 / solar plexus

Day 24: start Sep 19, 10:01 pm – finish Sep 21, 1:00 am / T11, T12 / above the navel

Day 25: start Sep 21, 1:01 am – finish Sep 22, 3:50 am / L1, L2 / navel

Day 26: start Sep 22, 3:51 am – finish Sep 23, 7:40 am / L3, L4 / below the navel

Day 27: start Sep 23, 7:41 am – finish Sep 24, 11:30 am / sacrum, L5/ above pubic bone

Day 28: start Sep 24, 11:31 am – finish Sep 25, 2:53 pm / coccyx/ pelvic floor

Day 1: start Sep 25, 2:54 pm – finish Sep 26, 3:15 pm / sacrum, L5/ above pubic bone

Day 2: start Sep 26, 3:16 pm – finish Sep 27, 3:35 pm / L3, L4 / below the navel

Day 3: start Sep 27, 3:36 pm – finish Sep 28, 3:55 pm / L1, L2 / navel

Day 4: start Sep 28, 3:56 pm – finish Sep 29, 4:25 pm / T11, T12 / above the navel

Day 5: start Sep 29, 4:26 pm – finish Sep 30, 4:45 pm / T8, T9, T10 / solar plexus

Day 6: start Sep 30, 4:46 pm – finish Oct 1, 5:00 pm / T6, T7 / xiphoid process

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