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May 24 – June 7, 2023

The Weeks Ahead


After the slow and earthy energy of Taurus, the sun enters the light and bubbly energy of Gemini, shifting your focus from heavy lifting tasks to more pleasurable activities. This is the time to lighten your burden and recover your inner freedom, in a new space and plenty of time to unwind.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, a fiery little planet close to the sun. As an archetype, Mercury, (messenger of the gods) reminds us of winged angelic beings such as guardian angels. Interestingly, “Malakh” in Hebrew means both angel and messenger of God.

A guardian angel is a being of light assigned to your protection and guidance. The belief in guardian angels played a major role in ancient Judaism and Christianity and can be traced throughout all antiquity. Saint Jerome stated: “How great the dignity of the soul, since each one has from his birth an angel commissioned to guard it.”

For some mystics and theologians, the Holy Guardian Angel is the representative of one’s truest divine nature and the equivalent of the Genius of the Hermetic Order, the Atman of Hinduism, and the Daimon of the ancient Greeks. Some rituals were intended to facilitate the ability to establish contact with one’s guardian angel.

The nature of the guardian angel is to be a heavenly representative, a messenger, and a contact between the physical plane and the higher worlds. An angel’s mission goes in two directions: it may serve as an emissary of God downward or serve as a messenger who carries prayers upwards from below.

Even if perceived in one form or another, guardian angels cannot reveal their true form to humans because they belong to a different dimension. Do not necessarily expect your guardian angel to manifest itself in your life in a supernatural fashion. Often, your guardian angel reveals itself in nature, in the ordinary common-sense world of causality. So, keep your mind open about what shape or form your guardian angel may take for you during the next two weeks. Just see what happens.

Beings of Light Shaped as Orbs Show Up in Videos

Orbs of light
Orbs of light seem to dance throughout this video.

Shortly after Suteja began to record her WEEKS AHEAD message, the day after she concluded the Ancestral Healing program connected to the 2023 Day of the Dead, a large glowing orb showed up at 0:14, followed by many more. If you look closely you’ll see dozens of them. To learn more about orbs of light and their relationship to consciousness, visit the ITH BLOG and read “What We Learned from the 2022 Days of the Dead.”   


Bi-weekly Video Message

The bi-weekly video message is an informal check-in where you can benefit from Suteja’s experience and wisdom to support your own self-healing. 

New Blog Posts Support Your Healing Journey

Add to your knowledge of the chakras by learning more about their impact on your life and how they can support you in living a life of balance and harmony. Let these blog posts be a guide to your own inner healing.

Spine Chakras
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Meditation Script for Chakras Journey - Part 3 - Your Sense of Self

June 3 Full Moon Meditation


In the next session, we will work with the shadow side of the 7th (crown) chakra, where the collective subconscious lives and impacts your individual destiny. According to the Toltec tradition, your crown contains all the memories of humanity including the memories of how each cycle of evolution of the past ended.

Humanity has existed through many cycles of evolution called Suns. A Sun, which represents a cycle of 6,000 years, always ends because of a major flaw that takes root in the mind of the civilization which exists at the time.

In this session, you will learn about the five major flaws that plague the collective subconscious of humanity in present time and how they affect you personally. To be free of the heavy weight of collective karma, you need to know how to access and clear old programming from your system so you can continue to grow spiritually to the consciousness of the 6th Sun without the burden of the past, the 5th Sun.

After you clear your crown chakra, you will connect with your guardian angel again, this time with the support of the beautiful energy of the full moon.

To know more about the shadow of your crown chakra and connect with your guardian angel, come join us on June 3rd at 5pm Pacific time. The day of the full moon is the best time to merge with the highest energies and see the big picture of your life.

The meditation is live online and includes a short lesson, an in-depth meditation, and a Q&A where together we can dive more deeply into ideas and experiences from the session.

Everyone can attend online events for free – just register at And members of Inner Treasure Hunt can access the library of past meditations any time.

Apr 30: Day 10 start, 12:51 pm – finish May 1, 12:20 pm / C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

May 1: Day 11 start, 12:21 pm – finish May 2, 11:55 am/ C1, C2 / roof of the palate

May 2: Day 12 start, 11:56 am – finish May 3, 11:30 am/ third eye

May 3: Day 13 start, 11:31 am – finish May 4, 11:05 am/ back of the head

May 4: Day 14 start, 11:06 am – finish May 5, 10:36 am/ top of the head

May 5: Day 15 start, 10:37 am – finish May 6, 10:16 am/ back of the head

May 6: Day 16 start, 10:17 am – finish May 7, 9:55 am/ third eye

May 7: Day 17 start, 9:56 am – finish May 8, 9:35 am/ C1, C2 / roof of the palate

May 8: Day 18 start, 9:36 am – finish May 9, 9:10 am/ C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

May 9: Day 19 start, 9:11 am – finish May 10, 8:45 am/ C7, T1 / base of the throat

May 10: Day 20 start, 8:46 am – finish May 11, 8:05 am/ T2, T3 / middle of upper chest

May 11: Day 21 start, 8:06 am – finish May 12, 7:29 am / T4, T5 / heart

May 12: Day 22 start, 7:30 am – finish May 13, 7:35 am/ T6, T7 / xiphoid process

May 13: Day 23 start, 7:36 am – finish May 14, 7:42 am/ T11, T12 / solar plexus

May 14: Day 24 start, 7:43 am – finish May 15, 7:50 am/ L1, L2 / above the navel

May 15: Day 25 start, 7:51 am – finish May 16, 8:05 am L3, L4 / navel

May 16: Day 26 start, 8:06 am- finish May 17, 8:20 am/ below the navel

May 17: Day 27 start, 8:21 am – finish May 18, 8:38 am/ sacrum, L5/ above pubic bone

May 18: Day 28 start, 8:38 am – finish May 19, 8:54 am / sacrum, L5/ coccyx/ pelvic floor

May 19: Day 1 start, 8:55 am – finish May 20, 12:30 pm/ L3, L4 / above pubic bone

May 20: Day 2 start, 12:31 pm – finish May 21, 4:00 pm/ L1, L2 / below the navel

May 21: Day 3 start, 4:01 pm – finish May 22, 7:40 pm/ T11, T12 / navel

May 23: Day 4 start, 7:41 pm – finish May 23, 11:20 pm/ T8, T9, T10 / above the navel

May 24: Day 5 start, May 23, 11:21 pm – finish May 25, 2:50 am/ T6, T7 / solar plexus

May 25: Day 6 start 2:51 am – finish May 26, 5:45 am/ xiphoid process

May 26: Day 7 start, 5:46 am – finish May 27, 8:23 am / T4, T5 / heart

May 27: Day 8 start, 8:24 am – finish May 28, 10:15 am/ T2, T3 / middle of upper chest

May 28: Day 9 start, 10:16 am – finish May 29, 12:00 pm/ C7, T1 / base of the throat

May 29: start, 12:01 pm – finish May 30, 1:45 pm/ C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

May 30: Day 11 start, 1:46 pm – finish May 31, 3:30 pm /C1, C2 / roof of the palate

May 31: Day 12 start 3:31 pm – finish Jun 1, 5:15 pm/ third eye

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