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March 22-April 4, 2023

The Weeks Ahead


The next two weeks are about receiving what you need, everything you need, now. The most beneficial celestial configurations are supporting you and the more conscious you are and the clearer your intentions, the more you can direct this flow of luminous energy to reach your goals and be fulfilled physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To what do we owe this miraculous blessing?


The spring equinox this year coincides with the new moon, which is a tremendous boost of energy propelling you forward into a new cycle of activity or a new project. The sun finished its journey through Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, which dealt with healing your old wounds, and letting go of your karmic patterns and your attachment to suffering. What a shift of energy when the sun enters Aries, the first sign of fire in which the sun is at its strongest, full of initiative, ideas, and creative force!

Also, Venus entered Taurus on March 16th until it exits on April 10th, which makes the queen of the sky aligned with the Pleiades, the Sun of our Sun. In ancient traditions, the Pleiades (known as the seven sisters) played an important and beneficial role in every aspect of life.

For example, Ancient Andean people called the Pleiades, the “Storehouse of Plenty,” referring to the place where seeds were stockpiled after the harvest. Seeds were used as currency and symbolized abundance and prosperity for the community.

Venus was seen as a planet with the status of a star, which rules your ability to produce, remultiply, and manifest like Mother Earth in Springtime. So, how can you get the maximum benefits from this sacred time?

In meditation, empty your mind and let go of your thoughts. Stay in total silence and darkness for a while. Like a seed planted in the dirt prepares its germination hidden in the womb of the earth, it is important that you tune into the void, the Materia Prima of creation.

Only then can you think about your intention, using the support of a mental image or a symbol that represents your wish. Take a moment to vibrate with the positive emotion it creates within you.

I wish you an amazing two miraculous weeks. Fill your heart with gratefulness as if you already received!

Beings of Light Shaped as Orbs Show Up in Suteja's Videos

Dec 3 2022 Comet
A comet of light streaks down the screen

If you’ve been following the story about glowing orbs showing up in Suteja’s recent videos, you’ll love the glowing comet that streaks down the screen in the  DEC 3 FULL MOON MEDITATION video at 0:09 as Suteja is saying “a new direction.” And an orb shows up above the mandala at 1:45 when Suteja is saying “prosperity and success.” 


Weekly Video Message

The weekly video message is an informal check-in where you can benefit from Suteja’s experience and wisdom to support your own self-healing. 

New Blog Posts Support Your Chakra Journey

April 1 Full Moon Meditation


This meditation will review and expand on your ongoing chakra journey, starting at the heart chakra where we left off in our last session and entering a new world, a new frequency at the energy center in your throat.

You will have the opportunity to harvest the benefits of all the spiritual work you have done at your heart chakra by practicing heart-opening practices at the time of a full moon, which is a magnifying glass on your energy field and your psyche. This is your chance to bring your heart chakra to its full potential and experience the inner freedom of unconditional love and bliss.

Then, you will bring your attention to your fifth chakra, the energy center located in your throat, which is the bridge between the lower parts of your body, which contain your emotions and your head, which is the seat of your mind and thoughts. The fifth chakra rules the subtle element ether, which manifests as sound: the sound you receive through your ears, and the sound you emit through your voice. Which channel is more developed within you? Are you more naturally inclined to listen or to talk?

This chakra provides the energy behind your desire for expression and communication. It activates your ability to speak the truth, your own truth, something that is unique to you. Tapping into this energy center is to connect with infinite possibilities in terms of creativity, artistry, and original talent. Your own throat chakra asks you the question: what am I creating in my life that exists only within me and my desire to share with others?

To know more about your fifth chakra, come join us on April 1st, at 5pm PT. We will celebrate the full moon with a meditation that allows you to explore and reinforce your expression at the fifth chakra, listen to your own voice and the quality of energy reflected in it.

Meditations are live online free and include a short lesson, an in-depth meditation, and a Q&A where together we can dive more deeply into ideas and experiences from the session. Everyone can attend online events for free – just register at And members of Inner Treasure Hunt can access the library of past meditations any time. 

What We Learned from the 2022 Days of the Dead

According to the ancient Mexican tradition, Dias de los Muertos (Oct 31-Nov 2) are special days devoted to the dead, ancestors, and ancestral healing.  Ancestral healing is about becoming aware of your issues, repetitive patterns and weaknesses that didn’t start with you but originated in your lineage. 

Dancing orbs of light surround Suteja. 

Reconciliation and healing across the generations, both living and dead, is possible, especially during the Days of the Dead. What we learned from the 2022 Days of the Dead is propelling our lives forward, while also uncovering more questions which deserve investigating. Read more in this intriguing blog post.

Mar 1: Day 10 start, 8:11 am – finish Mar 2, 12:15 pm/ C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

Mar 2: Day 11 start, 12:16 pm – finish Mar 3, 4:20 pm/ C1, C2 / roof of the palate

Mar 3: Day 12 start, 4:21 pm – finish Mar 4, 8:30 pm/ third eye

Mar 4: Day 13 start, 8:31 pm – finish Mar 6, 12:40 am / back of the head

Mar 6: Day 14 start, 12:41 am -finish Mar 7, 4:42 am/ top of the head

Mar 7: Day 15 start, 4:43 am – finish Mar 8, 6:50 am/ back of the head

Mar 8: Day 16 start, 6:51 am – finish Mar 9, 8:55 am/ third eye

Mar 9: Day 17 start, 8:56 am – finish Mar 10, 11:02 am/ C1, C2 / roof of the palate

Mar 10: Day 18 start, 11:03 am – finish Mar 11, 1:04 pm/ C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

Mar 11: Day 19 start, 1:05 pm – finish Mar 12, 3:06 pm/ C7, T1 / base of the throat

Mar 12: Day 20 start, 3:07 pm – finish Mar 13, 5:08 pm/ T2, T3 / upper chest

Mar 13: Day 21 start, 5:09 pm – finish Mar 14, 7:10 pm / T4, T5 / heart

Mar 14: Day 22 start, 7:11 pm – finish Mar 15, 6:00 pm/ T6, T7 / xiphoid process

Mar 15: Day 23 start, 6:01 pm – finish Mar 16, 4:50 pm/ T8, T9, T10 / solar plexus

Mar 16: Day 24 start, 4:51 pm – finish Mar 17, 3:35 pm/ T11, T12 / above the navel

Mar 17: Day 25 start, 3:36 pm – finish Mar 18, 2:15 pm/ L1, L2 / navel

Mar 18: Day 26 start, 2:16 pm – finish Mar 19, 1:00 pm/ L3, L4 / below the navel

Mar 19: Day 27 start, 1:01 pm – finish Mar 20, 11:40 am/ sacrum, L5/ above pubic bone

Mar 20: Day 28 start, 11:41 am – finish Mar 21, 10:25 am/ coccyx/ pelvic floor

Mar 21: Day 1 start, 10:26 am – finish Mar 22, 11:30 am/ sacrum, L5/ above pubic bone

Mar 22: Day 2 start, 11:31 pm – finish Mar 23, 12:50 pm/ L3, L4 / below the navel

Mar 23: Day 3 start 12:51 pm – finish Mar 24, 2:10 pm/ L1, L2 / navel

Mar 24: Day 4 start, 2:11 pm – finish Mar 25, 3:30 pm/ T11, T12 / above the navel

Mar 25: Day 5 start, 3:31 pm – finish Mar 26, 4:40 pm/ T8, T9, T10 / solar plexus

Mar 26: Day 6 start, 4:41 pm – finish Mar 27, 6:08 pm/ T6, T7 / xiphoid process

Mar 27: Day 7 start, 6:09 pm – finish Mar 28, 7:33 pm / T4, T5 / heart

Mar 28: Day 8 start 7:34 pm – finish Mar 29, 7:50 pm / T2, T3 / middle of upper chest

Mar 29: Day 9 start, 7:51 pm – finish Mar 30, 8:05 pm / C7, T1 / base of the throat

Mar 31: Day 10 start, 8: 06 pm – finish Apr 1, 8:20 pm / C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

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