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Dec 1 – 15, 2022

The Weeks Ahead

Whan Excess Activity Becomes Agitation

The next two weeks may look like you are being swallowed into a tornado of constant activity, thankfully supported by plenty of energy and stamina. There may be an underlying current of discontent or anxiety, as excess communication and restlessness don’t always leave space for meaning and reflection.


This period is under the influence of the full moon, which will occur on December 7th. The sun in Sagittarius relates to our higher aspirations, our higher calling, doing what is fair for the highest good of all. The moon in Gemini represents all forms of communication and exchange: conversations, phone calls, shopping, and small trips.

On December 7th, the moon and Mars are exactly conjunct in Gemini, opposite the sun in Sagittarius. Mars conjunct the moon places our sense of action, our activity and decision making under the influence of our subconscious, which is not always a wise advisor.

This celestial configuration tends to create tension between what you may consider essential (such as being centered and putting into practice your core principles) and the superficial aspects of life (including relentless activity and conversations, losing time in transit, or solving minor issues).

In these crazy two weeks ask yourself:

“Is this trip to the mall essential to my life right now?”

“How can I simplify my to-do list?”

“Do I really need to buy all this stuff?”

Remember that you have a choice, and you can choose to not loose your precious time in endless small talk, unnecessary arguments, and getting stuck in predictable traffic jams.

Use your discernment! Action without meaning will leave you exhausted and empty. Remember the daily routine that supports you so much, the spiritual practice that anchors you.

With Christmas and the new year being near, people often get into the mode of excessive outward activity. Ancient wisdom recommends that we celebrate the approach of winter by going inward, perhaps by meditating in front of the fireplace with a cup of warm cocoa.

So don’t lose yourself in excessive activity and meaningless distractions, dispersing your precious energy in too many exchanges. Save some quiet time to bathe in the sacred meaning of the Winter Solstice, the rebirth of the light and the end of this strange year 2022.

Have a wonderful two weeks of balance between motion and rest, speaking and silence, remembering your spiritual principles, and being anchored in your integrity and truth.

Weekly Video Message

The weekly video message is an informal check-in where you can benefit from Suteja’s experience and wisdom to support your own self-healing. 

Dec 17 New Moon Meditation


This is the end of the year and the Winter Solstice on December 21st marks the onset of the change of season. Ancient civilizations considered the Winter Solstice the most important day of the year. Why is that?

The end of the year naturally brings us back to the beginning, and what you experienced all year long, thus containing the memory of the entire past year. The Winter Solstice also symbolizes the rebirth of the sun, thus containing the potential of the entire year to come.

This is a great time for reflection, a time to review the transformational crises and insights that marked the year 2022 for you. Can you see the big picture and the cosmic intelligence at play in what unfolded for you this year?

Many traditions of the world do their most important rituals at the Winter Solstice. They see in this time of the year, a beautiful opportunity for rebirth, a renewal of the light within that the ancients often celebrated by lighting candles. Prayers, resolutions, and decisions tend to come to life in powerful ways at the Winter Solstice.

With a spiral of 13 candles (the number 13 representing the sun in the Toltec tradition) you will reflect on your experience of 2022 and dissolve any negativity and heavy energies that may have accumulated during the past year. You will also look at your progress, what you learned about yourself, the inner qualities you developed, as well as what you managed to manifest in a good way.

In the second part of the ritual, the spiral of candles will build your light and your ability to manifest what you want next year, giving you instantly the joy of life that you need to enter this new solar cycle. 

Come join us on DecemberThe celebration is live online and includes a short lesson, an in-depth meditation, and a Q&A where together we can dive more deeply into ideas and experiences from the session. Everyone can attend online events for free – just register at And members of Inner Treasure Hunt can access the library of past meditations any time. 

What We Learned from the 2022 Days of the Dead

According to the ancient Mexican tradition, Dias de los Muertos (Oct 31-Nov 2) are special days devoted to the dead, ancestors, and ancestral healing.  Ancestral healing is about becoming aware of your issues, repetitive patterns and weaknesses that didn’t start with you but originated in your lineage. 

Dancing orbs of light surround Suteja. 

Reconciliation and healing across the generations, both living and dead, is possible, especially during the Days of the Dead. What we learned from the 2022 Days of the Dead is propelling our lives forward, while also uncovering more questions which deserve investigating. Read more in this intriguing blog post.

Beings of Light Shaped as Orbs Show Up in Suteja's Videos

If you’ve been following the story about glowing orbs showing up in Suteja’s recent videos, you’ll love the glowing comet that streaks down the screen in the  DEC 3 FULL MOON MEDITATION video at 0:09 as Suteja is saying “a new direction.” And an orb shows up above the mandala at 1:45 when Suteja is saying “prosperity and success.” 


Dec 3 2022 Comet
A comet of light streaks down the screen

December Moon Cycle: Daily Start & End Times

All times are Pacific 

Day 8: start Nov 30, 6:39 am – finish Dec 1, 8:20 am / T2, T3 / middle of upper chest

Day 9: start Dec 1, 8:21 am – finish Dec 2, 10:10 am / C7, T1 / base of the throat

Day 10: start Dec 2, 10:11 am – finish Dec 3, 12:05 pm / C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

Day 11: start Dec 3, 12:06 pm – finish Dec 4, 2:00 pm / C1, C2 / roof of the palate

Day 12: start Dec 4, 2:01 pm- finish Dec 5, 4:00 pm / third eye

Day 13: start Dec 5, 4:01 pm- finish Dec 6, 6:05 pm / back of the head

Day 14: start Dec 6, 6:06 pm – finish Dec 7, 8:09 pm/ top of the head

Day 15: start Dec 7, 8:10 pm – finish Dec 8, 11:50 pm / back of the head

Day 16: start Dec 8, 11:51 pm – finish Dec 10, 4:10 am/ third eye

Day 17: start Dec 10, 4:11 am – finish Dec 11, 8:30 am / C1, C2 / roof of the palate

Day 18: start Dec 11, 8:31 am – finish Dec 12, 12:40 pm/ C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

Day 19: start Dec 12, 12:41 pm – finish Dec 13, 4:40 pm/ C7, T1 / base of the throat

Day 20: start Dec 13, 4:41 pm – finish Dec 14, 8:40 pm/ T2, T3 / middle of upper chest

Day 21: start Dec 14, 8:41 pm – finish Dec 16, 12:59 am / T4, T5 / heart

Day 22: start Dec 16, 1:00 am – finish Dec 17, 1:11 am / T6, T7 / xiphoid process

Day 23: start Dec 17, -1:12 am – finish Dec 18, 1:20 am / T8, T9, T10 / solar plexus

Day 24: start Dec 18, 1:21 am – finish Dec 19, 1:30 am / T11, T12 / above the navel

Day 25: start Dec 19, 1:31 am – finish Dec 20, 1:40 am / L1, L2 / navel

Day 26: start Dec 20, 1:41 am – finish Dec 21, 1:50 am / L3, L4 / below the navel

Day 27: start Dec 21, 1: 51 am – finish Dec 22, 2:05 am / sacrum, L5/ above pubic bone

Day 28: start Dec 22, 2:06 am – finish Dec 23, 2:16 am/ coccyx/ pelvic floor

Day 1: start Dec 23, 2:17 am – finish Dec 24, 4:27 am/ sacrum, L5/ above pubic bone

Day 2: start Dec 24, 4:28 am – finish Dec 25, 6:58 am/ L3, L4 / below the navel

Day 3: start Dec 25, 6:59 am – finish Dec 26, 9:35 am/ L1, L2 / navel

Day 4: start Dec 26, 9:36 am – finish Dec 27, 12:15 pm/ T11, T12 / above the navel

Day 5: start Dec 27, 12:16 pm – finish Dec 28, 2:45 pm/ T8, T9, T10 / solar plexus

Day 6: start Dec 28, 2:46 pm – finish Dec 29, 5:21 pm / T6, T7 / xiphoid process

Day 7: start Dec 29, 5:22 pm – finish Dec 30, 5:22 pm / T4, T5 / heart

Day 8: start Dec 30, 5:23 pm – finish Dec 31, 5:10 pm / T2, T3 / upper chest

Day 9: start Dec 31, 5:11 pm – finish Jan 1, 4:50 pm / C7, T1 / base of the throat

Day 10: start Jan 1, 4:51 pm – finish Jan 2, 4:30 pm / C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

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