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Sept 30 – Oct 13, 2023

The Weeks Ahead


Upon awakening on the morning of September 24th, on the second day of the two meditations of Heal Yourself with the Autumn Equinox, I noticed a drop of red liquid under the stool where my computer is during the meditations. My first thought was, “Is that blood?” Nobody in the house was injured and checking underneath the seat of the stool, the only thing I noticed was a dry moth clinging to the underside. “I’ll clean it later,” I thought.

I passed the morning meditating outside and when I came back inside, the floor under the stool had more liquid droplets, transparent like water. I kneeled to look under the stool again and saw that it wasn’t a moth – it was a cocoon with what looked like a baby butterfly in mid-metamorphosis! When I returned, I found a new-born butterfly standing on the floor under the stool. It turns out the liquid drops were some kind of amniotic fluid that sustained the chrysalis.

Newly born butterfly on the floor

I looked carefully at the intricate design of its wings. Strangely, each wing was decorated with shapes of … butterflies, like a fractal of butterflies. Did you know that butterflies are born grey? With the light, the wings soon became dark-orange, and we recognized the species as a typical “monarch” butterfly.

First flight

A few minutes later, it attempted its first flight but couldn’t find its way to the garden and landed on a window screen. With extreme care, Paula caught the new born in a glass and placed it on a table outside.  After saying our goodbyes, Paula lifted the glass, and in the blink of an eye, the 10-minute-old flew off into the eastern corner of the garden. 

This is the first time in my life that I have had the privilege of seeing the birth of a butterfly.  Butterflies are a universal symbol of transformation, death, and rebirth. The chrysalis has to die in its current form to be reborn as a butterfly. It was like the Autumn equinox wanted us to understand something important.

In Autumn, nature becomes bare, which is the death of a cycle. But what we often overlook is that, with death, automatically comes rebirth.

In the Toltec tradition, death is represented as a man and a woman back-to-back, the female character having a big belly, signifying that she is always pregnant with new life. What an amazing piece of wisdom!

In our life, whatever is ending or dying, it is time to look to what is coming to life. Life and death, death and life are inseparable, and you have a choice in emphasizing one or the other. So, which one are you going to focus on? Things that are ending, or what is being born?

I am sure we will be tested by the universe this month to see how we have integrated the balance of life and death. October 14th to 28th is the eclipse season, which is about transformation over the next six-month period. The end of October is Dia de los Muertos, the Days of the Dead, in which we reconnect with our loved ones who have passed away.

These next two weeks are an important time of transition for you to integrate the first half of the Toltec year and be grounded and conscious about what you want to manifest in the second half of the year.

So many opportunities for all of us to transmute, transform, and fly high in the sky… to the East, the most auspicious direction, which is the path of your highest destiny! Have an amazing two weeks!


Bi-weekly Video Message

The bi-weekly video message is an informal check-in where you can benefit from Suteja’s experience and wisdom to support your own self-healing. 

Prepare to Meet Your Ancestors

Based on our experience of last year, connecting with our ancestors at Dia de los Muertos is an incredible, powerful, and life-affirming event. We’re going to do it again this year on Oct 31st, Nov 1st and 2nd, and to get the most out of the experience, in this meditation you’re going to prepare the physical plane and your energy field for the encounters to come. You’ll learn how to 

The meditation focuses on shifting your energy field so it is receptive to welcoming your ancestors. You will call on your Guardian Angel, a being of light that knows you from your beginning and exists to support you from the subtle realms, to help you prepare your way.  You will also learn how to make an altar to properly receive your ancestors and marzipan skulls to communicate with your ancestors. 

Days of the Dead 3-day Ancestor Event Coming

OCT 31, NOV 1 & 2, 2023

Save the dates because you won’t want to miss this year’s 3-day celebration of the ancestors. They will make their presence known and their love and support will astound you, as we learned at last year’s event. Learn more on the EVENTS page.

October Moon Cycle: Daily Start & End Times

All times are Pacific 

Oct 1: Day 17 start, 4:01 am – finish Oct 2, 4:30 am / C1, C2 / roof of the palate

Oct 2: Day 18 start, 4:31 am – finish Oct 3, 5:02 am / C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

Oct 3: Day 19 start, 5:03 am – finish Oct 4, 5:35 am / C7, T1 / base of the throat

Oct 4: Day 20 start, 5:36 am – finish Oct 5, 6:09 am / T2, T3 / middle of upper chest

Oct 5: Day 21 start, 6:10 am – finish Oct 6, 6:49 am / T4, T5 / heart

Oct 6: Day 22 start, 6:50 am – finish Oct 7, 7:20 am / T6, T7 / xiphoid process

Oct 7: Day 23 start, 7:21 am – finish Oct 8, 7:50 am / T8, T9, T10 / solar plexus

Oct 8: Day 24 start, 7:51 am – finish Oct 9, 8:20 am / T11, T12 / above the navel

Oct 9: Day 25 start, 8:21 am – finish Oct 10, 8:50 am / L1, L2 / navel

Oct 10: Day 26 start, 8:51 am – finish Oct 11, 9:20 am / L3, L4 / below the navel

Oct 11: Day 27: start, 9:21 am – finish Oct 12, 9:51 am / sacrum, L5/ above pubic bone

Oct 12: Day 28: start, 9:52 am – finish Oct 13, 10:22 am/ coccyx/ pelvic floor

Oct 13: Day 1: start, 10:23 am – finish Oct 14, 10:55 am / sacrum, L5/ above pubic bone

Oct 14: Day 2: start, 10:56 am – finish Oct 15, 4:30 pm / L3, L4 / below the navel

Oct 15: Day 3 start, 4:31 pm – finish Oct 16, 10:00 pm/ L1, L2 / navel

Oct 16: Day 4 start, 10:01 pm – finish Oct 18, 3:50 am/ T11, T12 / above the navel

Oct 18: Day 5 start, 3:51 am – finish Oct 19, 9:20 am/ T8, T9, T10 / solar plexus

Oct 19: Day 6 start, 9:21 am – finish Oct 20, 2:50 pm/ T6, T7 / xiphoid process

Oct 20: Day 7 start, 2:51 pm – finish Oct 21, 8:30 pm/ T4, T5 / heart

Oct 21: Day 8 start, 8:31 pm – finish Nov 22, 7:30 pm / T2, T3 / middle of upper chest

Oct 22: Day 9 start, 7:31 pm – finish Oct 23, 6:29 pm / C7, T1 / base of the throat

Oct 23: Day 10 start, 6:30 pm – finish Oct 24, 5:28 pm / C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

Oct 24: Day 11 start, 5:29 pm – finish Oct 25, 4:27 pm / C1, C2 / roof of the palate

Oct 25: Day 12 start, 4:28 pm – finish Oct 26, 3:26 pm / third eye

Oct 26: Day 13 start, 3:27 pm – finish Oct 27, 2:25 pm / back of the head

Oct 27: Day 14 start, 2:26 pm – finish Oct 28, 1:24 pm/ top of the head

Oct 28: Day 15 start, 1:25 pm – finish Oct 29, 2:20 pm/ back of the head

Oct 29: Day 16 start, 2:21 pm – finish Oct 30, 4:15 pm / third eye

Oct 30: Day 17 start, 4:16 pm – finish Oct 31, 6:10 pm / C1, C2 / roof of the palate

Oct 31: Day 18 start, 6:11 pm – finish Nov 1, 8:05 pm / C3, C4, C5, C6 / throat

Nov 1: Day 19 start, 8:06 pm – finish Nov 2, 10:00 pm / C7, T1 / base of the throat

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