Renew & Transform with the Winter Solstice 12/23/2023

winter solstice

This is the end of the year and the Winter Solstice on December 21st marks the onset of the change of season. Ancient civilizations considered the Winter Solstice the most important day of the year. Why is that?

The end of the year naturally brings us back to the beginning, and what you experienced all year long, thus containing the memory of the entire past year. The Winter Solstice also symbolizes the rebirth of the Sun, thus containing the potential of the entire year to come.

This is a great time for reflection, a time to review the transformational crises and insights that marked the year 2023 for you. Can you see the big picture and the cosmic intelligence at play in what unfolded for you this year?

Many traditions of the world do their most important rituals at the Winter Solstice. They see in this time of the year, a beautiful opportunity for rebirth, a renewal of the light within that the ancients often celebrated by lighting candles. Prayers, resolutions, and decisions tend to come to life in powerful ways at the Winter Solstice.

With a spiral of 13 candles (the number 13 representing the sun in the Toltec tradition) you will reflect on your experience of 2023 and dissolve any negativity and heavy energies that may have accumulated during the past year. You will also look at your progress, what you learned about yourself, the inner qualities you developed, as well as what you managed to manifest in a good way.

In the second part of the ritual, the spiral of candles will build your light and your ability to manifest what you want next year, giving you instantly the joy of life that you need to enter this new solar cycle.

This meditation will help you channel the beautiful energy of the Winter Solstice and manifest a new cycle of the sun full of joy, abundance, and success.

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