Clear your Ancestral Patterns 02/20/2021


You may have noticed how some of your family members, including yourself, may be affected by the same reactions, emotions, illnesses, addictive patterns, or similar life situations. If you start observing, you may find more than one of these family patterns at play in your life.

This meditation will guide you step-by-step on a deep journey inward to discover the hidden influence of some of your ancestors, so you can clear your own path as well as the path of your children, parents, and siblings from the mistakes and unresolved issues of those who came before you. This is also an amazing opportunity to repair a damaged relationship with a departed family member.

You will first learn about ancestors and what ancestral healing is about. Then, you will reflect on your own family patterns. Finally, you will have the opportunity to meet one of your ancestors to alleviate a detrimental pattern that has been affecting you and your lineage.

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