Improve your Ability to Communicate with Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods 09/04/2021


What’s on your mind? How do you communicate with yourself? Do you have a voice in your head, like a narrator of your own story? How do you communicate with others? Are you a diplomat or an antagonist? Are you the harmonizing voice or the critic?

This meditation starts with some reflection about how you communicate with yourself and others. You will harmonize the key energy centers in your body that play a role in how you express yourself. First, you will reflect on an outdated thought patterns relating to the way you communicate. The goal is to address and transform an aspect of your mind which is still lingering in lower frequencies.

For example, you may reflect on internal voices that limit you or don’t serve you. You may want to work on your judgmental or critical tendencies, or the patterns that make you compromise too much. Maybe this is about difficulty expressing your truth or any other pattern that is unique to you.

Then, you will put into words a positive affirmation to support your ability to communicate with a high frequency quality. Finally, you will infuse your soul with the highest light of Mercury, the Messenger of the gods, to be able to communicate with a new balance.

Practice this meditation when you want to improve your self-expression, create harmonious exchanges with others, and solve disputes, conflicts, and relationship issues.

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