Celebrate the Autumn Equinox 09/18/2021


How do you feel at the arrival of fall? The change in season affects the mood, the stamina, and the motivation of many people. What about you? This is a time to become attuned to your body and your emotions, and listen to what you really need at this time of transition.

Solstices and equinoxes, the four doors of the sun, are the most important times of the year (or sun cycle) because they mark the time of a major shift for nature, for everyone, and for you. A shift of energy requires you to do certain internal work. Without your conscious participation in this internal transformation, you may feel uneasy, depressed, heavy ,or confused.

In Autumn, the days become shorter, and the joy of summer activities gives way to a new phase, which is more internal and more receptive. The Autumn Equinox, the third door of the sun, is characterized by subtle changes in the natural world, that affect your inner world, such as less light and less daytime activity. Colder temperatures in the Northern hemisphere lead you inside your home, away from nature.

This meditation creates a sacred space in which you can safely connect to your own light. You will learn to perceive the special qualities that define this beautiful time of the year and receive three amazing spiritual gifts from the equinox: the gift of balance between light and darkness, the gift of the harvest where you receive the fruits of your efforts, and the gift of silence which allows you to make room for a new cycle.

Practice this meditation at the end of summer to attune yourself with Autumn and harmonize your transition from one season to the next.

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