Harmonize your relationships with the Hummingbird 10/09/2021


Is it difficult for you to share your life with someone and stay true to your goals and vision? Are you compromising your views and opinions to keep the peace, or do you speak your truth regardless of consequences? Between the need for closeness and the need to follow your own path, as you know, sustaining relationships is a constant work in progress!

This meditation is a lucid dreaming practice that will help you harmonize your relationships without losing yourself. You will enter a state of lucid dreaming in which you will visualize hummingbirds, the spirit animal that supports love and harmonious relationships.

First, you will work with the blue hummingbird, which for your subconscious mind represents your willpower, bringing you back to center when you feel lost or when you have compromised too much.

Second, you will work with the green hummingbird, which represents unconditional love and absolute harmony with others, especially your beloved, healing, repairing and preventing any tension to arise in your couple and any type of relationships.

Practice this meditation to harmonize your subconscious around the questions of boundaries, attracting love, finding a love partner, a friend or a life companion, and being able to sustain your relationships in the most beautiful way.

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