Heal the Wounded Warrior Within 10/23/2021

male energy

Whether you are born in a male or female body, your psyche is made of a masculine polarity called animus and a feminine polarity called anima. From the wounded warrior to the divine masculine archetype, this meditation will guide you through a journey of exploring your animus, the active, combative side of who you are.

The masculine energy of your psyche is the part of you that fights his way through life and suffers the consequences of battles, such as injuries, scars, and emotional traumas. In the context of injustice, which is the 5th Sun, the era humanity is slowly leaving behind, your inner warrior suffered tremendously, diminishing your personal power, self-esteem and strength.

This meditation will allow you to kindly let the shadow side of your animus emerge, and your inner “wounded warrior” to be finally heard and healed.

Practice this meditation when you feel weakened by your life’s battles and you want to recover confidence, initiative, and combativity. Come back to your full original power by bringing back your animus into wholeness and into the light.

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