Transform and Rejuvenate with Mycelium 11/06/2021


According to ancient traditions, eclipses take something from you and give you something new in a mysterious exchange of energy. From this comes the idea of a metaphysical eclipse portal between sky and earth in which an aspect of your life disappears while another comes to light.

So, what is coming to an end for you right now? Which one of your beliefs is dissolving and will soon be transformed into something else?

This meditation guides you through a slow and effortless process of transformation and deep rejuvenation by imitating nature and how she recycles things that have died. One of Mother Nature’s ways to transform death into a new life is mycelium, the network of roots of mushrooms, which decompose any dead matter into primordial building blocks that can be shaped into new life.

You will enter a lucid dream in which you exchange energy with mycelium and soon become one with this organic net of life, cleaning your physical body, your emotions, and everything you want to transform. Practice this meditation when you have been confronted with death and need help adjusting to change.

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