Enter the Cosmic Mind with Mycelium 11/20/2021

forest mushrooms

According to ancient traditions, eclipses take something from you and give you something new, in a mysterious exchange of energy. From this comes the idea of a metaphysical eclipse portal between sky and earth in which an aspect of your life disappears while another comes to light.

Becoming aware of the action of an eclipse means that you can choose to let go of something that no longer serves you and ask to receive something you really want.

This meditation is based on the analogy between your nervous system and mycelium, the organic network of roots of mushrooms responsible for the transmission of information and food from plant to plant, from tree to tree.

Both your nervous system and mycelium are extraordinary communication system. You will learn to enter in resonance with mycelium, which grants you access to the collective mind of plants, humans, and the entire cosmos.

Practice this meditation when you need to rejuvenate your nervous system or when you want to access information from the collective or cosmic mind.

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