Eclipse Portal and your Spiritual Transformation 04/30/2022

Bad habits are difficult to get rid of. It usually takes a strong decision and a lot of willpower to change the detrimental parts of our routine. What if there was an easier way to transform our negative mental, emotional, and behavioral habits into beneficial patterns?

This meditation, inspired by the ancient art of dreaming, calls upon the forces of your subconscious and a power animal often dismissed: the rabbit. Rabbits signify growth and expansion, both positive and negative. For the Toltec, the rabbit is the significator of habits, good or bad. This meditation is an imaginative, playful way to give a proper direction to the turbulent, random or toxic energies that roam free in your subconscious landscape. You will use the power of your imagination to reprogram your detrimental habits/rabbits into forces that serve you and support your beneficial habits/rabbits by nurturing them.

Use this practice when you want to break your mental loops, addictive behaviors, and vicious circles, and shift your life force in the direction of your highest destiny.

This session occurred after March 12th the Toltec New Year, an auspicious time to put an end to the difficult year 2021 and start a new energy, under the symbolic influence of a specific number and glyph of the Aztec calendar: the 10-Rabbit.

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