Gain Energy by Avoiding Energy Loss 04/16/2022


Many of us suffer from fatigue and lack of energy. We’ve tried resting more, changing our diet, and boosting our stamina with stimulants or herbal concoctions, with mixed success. When we are overwhelmed with exhaustion, we may want to ask ourselves:
– How am I losing energy?
– What are the areas of my life where my energy gets drained?
– What’s causing my energy loss?

This meditation is inspired by an ancient Toltec practice in which you raise your energy, chakra by chakra, transmuting the heavy energies of your lower chakras into more refined frequencies that support your life’s destiny.

This spiritual exercise is a key to longevity, youthfulness, and rejuvenation. and will help you save and support your overall life force. You will regain vitality by counteracting your conscious and subconscious energy losses.

And if you have plenty of energy at your disposal, this practice will support your long-term stamina and highest aspirations as well as the rise of your kundalini in a safe and gentle way.

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