Your Fourth & Fifth Chakras to Open your Heart and Speak Your Truth 04/01/2023


This meditation starts at your fourth chakra, in the middle of your chest, where heart-opening practices will bring your heart center to its full potential. The idea is to give you an experience of unconditional love and bliss so you can remember inner freedom and lightness.

Then you will bring your attention to your fifth chakra, in your throat. This chakra holds the energy of your desire for expression, communication, creativity, artistry, and original talent and activates your ability to speak the truth, your own truth, something that is unique to you.

This energy center rules the subtle element ether and sound: the sound you receive through your ears and the sound you emit through your voice. You will learn to listen to your own voice and the quality of energy reflected in it.

Your own throat chakra asks you the question: what am I creating in my life that exists only within me and my desire to share with others?

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