Your Fifth & Sixth Chakras to Manifest Your Intention 04/15/2023


This session starts with an exploration of the shadow side of the fifth chakra. We are often unaware of how we present ourselves or express ourselves, since a large part of this lies in our subconscious. To speak your truth, the true gift of your throat chakra, you need to shed light on the parts of you that are repressed or have left, your defense mechanisms, your hidden emotions and agendas.

The powerful ability to face the unknown, and dispel the darkness within is your discernment, which is held by your third eye, also called the sixth chakra, in the middle of your forehead.

When you combine your fifth and sixth chakras, you enhance your ability to express yourself with clarity and manifest with the power of your conscious intention.

This is time to become aware of what your subconscious is on the brink of manifesting in your life and take control of your destiny.

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