Your Third Eye to Clear Your Past and Build Your Future 05/06/2023


This session is dedicated to your sixth chakra (or third eye) located between your eyebrows. This energy center is the royal gate that opens to a world beyond the material plane and beyond your senses, the instruments of perception of physical reality.

The third eye is your intuition which allows you to see what is not visible to the naked eye, such as images of the past or the future. This is your internal screen where symbols, archetypes, dreams, and memories are displayed.

The sixth chakra is your consciousness, your center of command which provides inner guidance. If you don’t remember your dreams, if you have difficulty visualizing or if you can’t clearly see your goals, your third eye needs a boost.

This meditation will help you focus and get in touch with images of the past that need healing right now, as well as images of the past that have supported your identity and personal empowerment. Then you will welcome constructive images of the future to support what you want to create.

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