Your Seventh Chakra and Celestial Protection 05/20/2023


This session is dedicated to the crown jewel of your chakra system, the least known of all the chakras, the energy center located at the top of your head.

As the only chakra that naturally looks upward, the seventh chakra is the royal gate that opens to the heavens. Whether you are interested in conscious dying, astral traveling, or enlightenment, the crown chakra is the ultimate exit from your body and from this world.

The seventh chakra is the energy center that allows you to reclaim your true nature as spirit, your Divine Essence ,and reintegrate the Source, the Luminous Point of your Origin.

In this meditation you will learn to become aware and in tune with your guardian angel. Your guardian angel is the being of light or a very advance soul who dedicates their time and energy to guide you on your path and support your evolution.

This meditation allows you to sense and reinforce this sacred connection with your guardian angel as well as your higher self, leading you into peace and bliss.

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