Clear Your Crown Chakra from Collective Karma 06/03/2023


In this meditation, you will work with the shadow side of the 7th (crown) chakra, where the collective subconscious lives and impacts your individual destiny. According to the Toltec tradition, your crown contains all the memories of humanity including the memories of how each cycle of evolution of the past ended.

Mankind existed through many cycles of evolution called Suns. A Sun, which represents a cycle of 6,000 years, always ends because of a major flaw that takes root in the mind of the civilization, which exists at the time.

In this session, you will learn about the five major flaws that plague the collective subconscious of humanity in present time and how they affect you personally. To be free of the heavy weight of collective karma, you need to know how to access and clear old programming from your system so you can continue to grow spiritually to the higher consciousness of the 6th Sun without the burden of the past (i.e.: the 5th Sun).

After your crown chakra is cleared, you will take your karmic clearing to the next level by connecting with your guardian angel and channeling the energy of your highest light.

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