How to be Free From the Matrix of Collective Karma 06/17/2023


This meditation is a karmic clearing of your seventh chakra, known as the crown chakra. You will work with the shadow side of your crown chakra which manifests at the top of your head as black feathers made of heavy energy. These black feathers contain the five main flaws of humanity, which are detrimental states of mind inherited from previous cycles of evolution on Earth.

The five main flaws of humanity prevent you and every human being on the planet from evolving, being spiritually free, and feeling relief from suffering. They are the invisible obstacles preventing you from living a blissful constructive life and being fully in charge with what you create in your existence. You can remove these black feathers through an ancient Toltec practice and reach your highest in a higher level of consciousness.

After your crown chakra is cleared, you will connect with your guardian angel to support your spiritual work in whatever direction you need help with in the moment.

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