Attune Yourself to the Change of Season 09/23/2023


How do you feel at the arrival of fall? Is the change in season affecting your mood, stamina and motivation? In Autumn, the days are becoming shorter, and the joy of summer activities give way to a new phase, which is more internal and more receptive. The Autumn Equinox is characterized by subtle changes in the natural world that affect your inner world, such as less light so less daytime activity, and colder temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere, that lead you inside away from nature.

To prevent any undesirable effect from the change in season, such as feeling depressed, tired or confused, all you need is a conscious participation to your internal transformation so you can enter a sacred space and safely connect to your own light.

You can rebalance your own energy system by practicing this meditation inspired by yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is an ancient yogic technique, a form of yogic sleep, in which the body is completely relaxed while maintaining a high level of alertness. As your body falls asleep, your mind becomes clearer and sharper allowing you to journey through your emotions and insights.

You will learn to perceive the special qualities that define this beautiful time of the year and receive three amazing spiritual gifts from the equinox: the gift of the harvest, the gift of making space for the new coming cycle, and the gift of balance.

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