Cosmos Mandala


This mandala is about creating a sacred space within yourself that forms a powerful boundary protecting you from lower frequencies and external influences. The traditional Bhupur or four doors are representing the four directions of space. Each direction symbolizes a different state of consciousness or stage of existence, allowing you to progress from ignorance to higher knowledge.

As an empath, this has great practical meaning for me. If you also are born hyper-sensitive, you know by experience that you are replenished when you are alone and come back to your center.

I painted this mandala after a Biogeometry course where I learned that the repetition of a shape at an angle from a first one, here a square, creates Divine energy. Two squares at 90° angles from each other form an eight-point star, symbolizing the beginning of creation in many traditions. So this mandala is about creation, from the central point that is unity to the four corners that represent multiplicity.

With this mandala, I hope you will come back home to the original point of creation for a new beginning, and explore safely many aspects of your conscious and subconscious mind.

– Suteja

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