Unity Mandala


This mandala is for you to remember the beauty of your inner universe. Between a snowflake and a fractal, the main geometrical pattern is the hexagram, which is a six-pointed star symbolizing the cosmos that goes to the infinite.

This is a geometric representation of a mystical night sky with a myriad of shining stars communicating with each other through a harmonious web of light. In this web of light, everything is connected, and we are all one.

I painted this mandala when I was studying Biogeometry, a field that speaks of ancient Egyptian knowledge and was founded by Dr. Ibrahim Karim. I was inspired by the biosignatures of the names of the Divine which you can see as the intricate, convoluted forms that look like some alien language of a distant planet.

I painted this mandala so I could elevate my vibrations and expand my consciousness to the Divine, as easily as one would gaze at the stars in the night sky. I hope this powerful talisman brings strong connectivity between your brain cells, harmonious connections with others, and unity with the cosmos.

– Suteja

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