Subtle Energy Fields – Powers of the Moon Series – Part 4 of 5

What are subtle energy fields? Subtle energy, what is now called magnetic fields, was known by the ancients who recognized how the moon’s cycle affected life on earth. When you take steps to align yourself with the moon, you help yourself stay calm and rejuvenated. When you don’t, life can feel like a roller-coaster. This is part 4 of a 5-part series:
Part 1 – Ancient Beliefs About the Moon
Part 2 – Discoveries About the Moon
Part 3 – How Does the Moon Affect the Earth?
Part 4 – Subtle Energy Fields
Part 5 – Healing With the Moon

What science calls ‘magnetic fields’ the ancients called ‘subtle energy.’ Subtle energy, often called ‘auras,’ is not some woo-woo, airy-fairy, new-age invention. It is a scientifically measurable force inside and all around us. It exists, it’s real, perceptive people can feel it, and it affects everyone’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being, whether they feel it or not, in ways you can’t imagine.

The ancients, like today’s Indigenous Peoples, tapped into and used subtle energy to live in alignment with nature and natural rhythms so they could thrive. They understood that every form of life, including themselves, contained subtle energy which interacts with the subtle energy generated by the world around them. At this moment, you are plugged into subtle energy that reaches deep into the earth and out into space. Much like mycelium supports the forest and fascia supports the body, subtle energy supports your life.

As explained in Part 3 – How Does the Moon Affect the Earth?, researchers have shown that humans have magnetic sensory systems, and changes in magnetic fields can trigger fluctuations to which some people are sensitive. They’ve also shown that fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field are caused on a regular basis by the moon when it reaches the fullest part of its cycle.

But questions remain because Dr. Kirschvink reported that when he manipulated the magnetic field in the Faraday cage, the amplitude of the brain’s rhythm in his test subjects dropped by as much as 60% before returning to normal. So what is meant by brain amplitude? And what are the consequences are of a 60% drop in amplitude?

Brain waves: Measuring the key to well-being

What Kirschvink measured are brain waves, in particular alpha waves. Alpha waves are a specific frequency of brain wave (8-12hz) produced by neurons as they create electrical signals that can be detected by an EEG. Alpha waves are produced when we are awake but not performing any specific task, especially when we are relaxed, lucid, calm, and not thinking about anything in particular. Alpha waves are always present but are more prominent when at rest.

Alpha is the resting state for the brain and contributes to overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind-body integration, and learning. Alpha waves can even help people experience a higher tolerance to pain and resilience to stress. This is the power of alpha waves. We love alpha waves!

Alpha waves spike during periods of high creativity, meditation, or even exercise. This is when we live in the power of now, being here, in the present. We lose track of time. We go into a flow state. We feel calmer, less anxious, more creative.  

Alpha Waves

But in studies, when people were exposed to magnetic field disruption, like in the Faraday cage and what you experience as you move around your local environment, their alpha wave activity dropped significantly, in some cases by as much as 60%! So, what are the implications of a major decrease in alpha waves?

A drop in alpha waves causes a rise in stress and anxiety, discomfort and pain, the opposite of what you want to bring into your life.  

A drop in alpha waves causes a rise in stress and anxiety, discomfort and pain, the opposite of what you want to bring into your life.  

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety, discomfort and pain, sometimes occasionally and sometimes chronically. But consider this: What if part of your stress and pain is being caused by the invisible forces surrounding you, namely the magnetic fields that you live within? We know that the moon’s cycle impacts the earth’s magnetic field, and the moon’s monthly rotation has predictable and recurring impact. Might the moon be contributing to your suffering?

Subtle energy & the laws of nature

A universal belief that permeated every ancient sacred teaching, from Hindu Yogis to Toltec sacred warriors and beyond, was the idea of a subtle energy field, life force, or subtle body that surrounds each of us and connects us with everything and everyone. According to ancients, subtle energy propels our individual lives and taken together forms our collective life. Subtle energy goes by many names around the world in addition to ‘aura.’

Names for subtle energy

Ancients taught that a requirement for living a healthy and harmonious life was to be aware of one’s subtle body and stay connected with it. The ancients did things to mitigate the forces that assailed their subtle bodies from the environment and cosmic events. This was the purpose for many rituals and celebrations, which enhanced and healed individuals while collectively unifying civilizations.

One of the laws of nature they observed was the moon’s effect on plants, animals and people, which changed depending on what phase the moon was in. They lived in alignment with the moon’s fluctuations, and harnessed the moon’s energy in order to thrive, for example, fasting on full moons and limiting activities on new moons.

The ancients believed that subtle energy ruled emotions, thoughts and behaviors, which is why they paid particular attention to the moon’s phases. They knew what science has proven: that the full moon has an effect on earth which creates “human tidal waves.” By connecting with their subtle energy, they were better able to adapt and thrive during periods of transition and change.

Many cultures created coherent healing systems incorporating subtle energy that continue to this day. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Ayurveda from India, Reiki from Japan, and other forms of subtle body work are increasingly used throughout the world, because they work.


The ancients also believed in many simultaneous realms of existence with subtle energy as the vehicle to multidimensionality. From this comes practices such as Hindu yoga nidra, Toltec lucid dreaming, and astral projection, which focus on using subtle energy to inhabit otherwise inaccessible realms.

Subtle energy in architecture

On the physical plane, the ancients knew that the buildings they inhabited and the towns they established were also imbued with subtle energy. Building a temple to honor the Creator was to imitate the Creator by giving life to the temple. So the mission of ancient builders was to bring to life constructions that vibrated and resonated with both the Creator and the act of Creation. To do this, they anchored their monuments into the earth’s magnetic field, or earth-grid, that is life itself. In this way the structures supported the people with divine guidance from above and precious life force from below.

Giza, Egypt and Teotihuacan, Mexico.

This is why ancient sacred sites throughout the world were constructed to face the four cardinal directions: true north, south, east, and west. For example, the entrances to Giza’s pyramids are all on the north side, and the entrances to the temples of the pyramids are on the east side. The pyramids and temples on the sacred site of Teotihuacan, Mexico, are also aligned with cardinal points.

Ancient temples were also built in alignment with important celestial events such as the Winter and Summer Solstices, depending on the purpose of the temple and which energy it was meant to capture and embody.

Stonehenge, England and Teotihuacan, Mexico

Ancient wisdom for modern times

Today, as a global culture, we have lost our connection with life force, the consciousness and rhythm of Creation. We don’t perceive energy like the ancients did, so we ignore it. There are, of course, exceptions among us who feel subtle energy or have an intuitive sense about the magnetic field of the Earth and the grid of life that connects everything together, but these people are rare and can be disparaged for their sensitivity.

We are left asking questions. Why have we collectively lost the conscious awareness of our magnetic sense? Can we become aware, like Indigenous Peoples, of these invisible forces around us? In a day and age in which we interact so much with machinery and technology, for our own safety or our own survival, what can we do to rebalance our own subtle body and the magnetic fields around us?

The good news is that you can use the ancients’ understanding of subtle energy to bring back your connection with nature, the earth, the moon, and ultimately yourself. As you will see, subtle energy is the gateway in. Part 5 – Healing With the Moon brings ancient knowledge and scientific discoveries into the present in practical ways so you can apply what you’ve learned to heal yourself, maintain your health and well-being, and thrive.


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Learn more about how ancient builders anchored their monuments into the earth’s magnetic field and how we can bring this knowledge into the future for the benefit of all by checking out the work of Dr. Ibrahim Karim, architect and founder of Biogeometry.

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Learn about the importance of the moon and sun cycles in the Chaco Culture of what is now New Mexico in The Mystery of Chaco Canyon, available for purchase and streaming on Amazon Prime. As you watch the documentary, you might consider the sites as communal spiritual centers and the kivas as places for inward journeys of initiates.

To learn more about the moon’s influence and what you can do to live in alignment with the moon’s natural rhythm, watch the six lessons in the 28-Day Moon Meditation Essential Program. If you want a short (15-minute) daily practice designed around the phases of the moon, check out the daily practice videos for this program.

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