A Yoga Nidra Practice for Self-Love 01/22/2022

yoga nidra flowers

Do you love yourself unconditionally? How would it feel to love your body, despite its imperfections? Where are you at when it comes to self-acceptance and peace within yourself?

This meditation is a safe space for you to explore the sacredness of the temple of your body and experience wholeness. You will have the opportunity to explore your sacred connection with your body through a yoga nidra practice dedicated to self-love. Yoga nidra is an ancient yogic technique, a form of yogic sleep, in which the body is completely relaxed while maintaining a high level of awareness.

The goal of this practice is to reinforce your ability to receive, to accept every part of your body, every part of who you are, and enter a state in which you are at peace with yourself.

If you want to harmonize and heal the relationship with your body and give yourself the gift of a heart-opening experience, this meditation is for you.

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