A Yoga Nidra Practice for Concentration 02/05/2022


Do you have difficulty focusing at work or in your life? Are you able to sustain focus or are you forgetful and easily distracted in your daily activities? Do you have the attention span of an elephant or a chihuahua?

In this day and age of multi-media and multi-tasking, some days may feel like you are bombarded from all sides. Information is everywhere and the inability to concentrate on the task at hand has become one of the illnesses of our time. If you want to know how to function better mentally, and improve your concentration, this meditation is for you.

You will have the opportunity to explore the power of your mind, and evaluate and care for your mental stamina through a yoga nidra practice dedicated to concentration. Yoga nidra is an ancient yogic technique, a form of yogic sleep, in which the body is completely relaxed while maintaining a high level of awareness.

The session unfolds as a series of exercises that test your ability to focus, visualize, and memorize. The ultimate goal of this practice is to transcend the continuous chatter of your inner voice and reach a level beyond the mind, where consciousness becomes clear like a crystal.

You may experience a state beyond the mind, an expansion of consciousness and becoming one with the object of your meditation.

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