Abundance & Prosperity in Challenging Times 12/03/2022

lunar eclipse

During a lunar eclipse, the luminous circle of the moon becomes hidden by the shadow of the earth, creating a shift within your subconscious. Every lunar eclipse marks a change in your life, giving you a new direction that will unfold over the next six months.

This meditation guides you through a shamanic journey of limitless abundance by helping you clear any heaviness in your heart and letting go of poverty mentality. This is about recovering the natural confidence in your ability to manifest your own prosperity and success.

In this session, you will receive priceless information about “the mysterious eclipse portal” and how to use it to manifest the best outcome in your life. You can practice this session before, during, or after any lunar eclipse, or when you are in a period of intense transformation.

This meditation helps you eliminate anguish, fear or anxiety created by change and creates the right opportunities for the “new you” to appear.

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