Total Reset with the Winter Solstice 12/17/2022

winter solstice

Ancient civilizations of the world considered the Winter Solstice the most important day of the year. Primarily, the Winter Solstice is about clearing any heavy energy that keeps you from thriving and feeling joy in your heart. This is also a time to acknowledge your successes and what you learned during the past year.

Containing the potential of the entire year to come, the Winter Solstice also symbolizes the rebirth of the sun, a beautiful opportunity for renewal. The second task of the Winter Solstice is to welcome the return of the light within, taking in a new energy that will support all your efforts.

At the Winter Solstice, prayers, resolutions, and new directions tend to come to life in powerful ways. This meditation guides you through the process of celebrating this sacred time with the power of your intention and the power of the sun symbolized by the light of 13 candles.

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