Finding your Cosmic Seed 11/19/2022

Machu Picchu

This meditation, inspired by the Andean tradition of Peru, will help you find your true self by exploring your cosmic origins. Traveling back in time to the beginning of life on Earth, you will witness your own spiritual birth and find out about the special quality,which suffuse your essence as a seed of life.

According to a Peruvian legend, In the beginning of time our sacred planet was chosen to bear life by crystal beings called the cosmic gardeners. The cosmic gardeners, which are the powerful guardians of planetary systems in all galaxies, have the power to create new life on planets. When they arrived on Earth, they planted a seed of life in the heart of Mother Earth and in the heart of every living thing.

Exploring who you were at the origin of time, your primordial self, is a marvelous opportunity to discover the quintessential/core quality that motivates you at a soul level from one incarnation to the next. The question is, what are you a seed of? A seed of love? A seed of light?

What is your sacred mission on our beautiful planet?

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