Discover who you really are: Conscious Dying and Divine Archetype 11/05/2022


How can you transform the part of you which still follow an old iron age mentality into a golden age mentality? The best way to make this tremendous shift is to expand your awareness in two ways:
– First, become aware of your fundamental fear of death and make peace with it.
– Second, by developing your connection with your higher self, your true nature as spirit.

When you feel safe enough, you can finally let go of your old identity attached to your story of pain, your drama and karma.

The first part of the meditation is a lucid dreaming/ conscious dying practice in which you cross your eyes and focus on your third eye. You will stay awake and present as the black screen behind your eyes becomes animated by geometrical patterns, images, and amazing colors. The goal of this practice is to enhance your level of consciousness and give you more chances to die consciously.

In the second part of the meditation, you will work with an archetype, “a model of perfection,” to build your new identity in the 6th Sun, a higher sense of self, using your symbolic death as a springboard to another level of existence.

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