Visit Your Inner House with a Guided Imagery Practice 10/22/2022


This meditation is a guided imagery in which a simple scenario is offered to your subconscious as a starting point. You are the central character, the hero, and you may also welcome other characters or creatures into your story.

You will go inward and let your subconscious guide you through the three levels of a house, ground floor, cellar ,and attic, representing the different levels of your awareness. Using your imagination, namely the images produced by your subconscious, you will be able to unveil areas of your psyche that you were not aware of.

Everything in a dream represents parts of you, which means that the images of the house that unfold behind your mind’s eye has to do with you, your boundaries, your foundations, and your inner structure, giving you priceless insights for your healing and spiritual evolution.

At first, your consciousness shapes the story line but as you go deeper, your subconscious will take the lead. Welcome and follow whatever comes up with love and without judging what you see. At the end, you will have time to reflect on what came up. Whether your subconscious gifted you with powerful insights or healing images that change your life, you will come out rejuvenated and transformed by the experience

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