Integration of the Year 10-Rabbit Through Reflection & Practice 10/08/2022


According to the Aztec calendar, the year 2022 started under the influence of a number and glyph of the Aztec calendar: the 10-Rabbit. The rabbit and the number 10 both symbolize proliferation, referring to the growth and multiplication of detrimental tendencies within humanity in 2022.

Ultimately, the year 2022 was about discovering your core wounding at the origin of your flaws, bad habits, addictions, and attachment to suffering.

In this meditation, you will enter a state of lucid dreaming in which you will visualize yourself entering a river, merging its waters with the ocean. You will release and dissolve your detrimental core wounding into the ocean and then receive a new intention, the opportunity of a fresh start from the source of the river.

Practice this meditation any day of any year, when you get a sense of what your core wounding is about and when you feel ready to let go of limitations, addictions, and bad habits. This is a time for you to gain control over what you create in your life.

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