Clear your 3 Emotional Chakras with a Yoga Nidra Practice 03/05/2022

3 chakras

Emotions are the most mysterious and powerful phenomena of our daily reality. Fear, anger, and sadness are the most common emotions in our human repertoire. But where do your emotions come from and what are your emotions made of?

This meditation is a yoga nidra practice for balancing your emotions. Yoga nidra is an ancient yogic technique, a form of yogic sleep, in which the body is completely relaxed while maintaining a high level of awareness.

You will have an opportunity to discover the connection between your emotions and three specific chakras that often hold repressed or unprocessed feelings in your system. These old, repressed energies that are part of your personal story of trauma and wounding, linger deep inside and influence how you feel in your daily life. They stay with you until they are released through a spontaneous healing or a spiritual practice that addresses them, such as this practice.

This meditation is an opportunity for you to clear and release detrimental energies that have accumulated in your three emotional chakras over time so you can return to your original state of peace and harmony.

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