Clear your Chakras at the Spring Equinox 03/19/2022

purple flowers in snow

Your chakras contain memories, beliefs, and emotions that constitute who you are but can also prevent you from changing and evolving. This meditation gives you a chance to erase the detrimental chakra programming that you have outgrown and replace them with a new intention at each of your energy centers.

You will have the opportunity to focus on each of your main seven chakras and see a symbolic image of an old pattern in them. The goal is for you to be able to release a pattern that no longer serves you and then make a new conscious decision at each of your chakras.

This meditation occurred at the Spring Equinox for the northern hemisphere. This is a time when we are coming out of the darkness of the Winter season and receive a tremendous boost of fresh energy. Everything that was hidden during Winter is now being brought up to the surface.

Practice this meditation before, during, or shortly after a Spring Equinox, or when you feel blessed by an infinite amount of energy. Without energy, we don’t have the fuel to operate changes. But when your energy rises, don’t miss your opportunity to transform your life in the best possible way.

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