The Power of Gratefulness 11/19/2023

power of gratefulness

For many, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year, bringing family and friends together, sharing in a special meal. Ideally, this is indeed a joyful opportunity to cultivate and reinforce the bonds of unconditional love between people and family members across generations.

Thanksgiving is traditionally associated with gratitude. At the dinner table, each guest is invited to share with others what they are grateful for in their lives. Gratitude is a quality of the heart, which requires humility, and integrity. Not everybody can access what’s in their heart easily and be deeply authentic about what they are grateful for.

To help you access your deepest ability to be grateful, this meditation will help you review the different stages of your life and see how each step of your evolution was essential to allow you to be the person you are today.

Harmonizing and reconciling the different parts of yourself and seeing the big picture of your life opens your heart to self-love and heartfelt gratitude. Do not miss this opportunity to align your entire being with this tremendous power that is meant to clear your heart and soul, and help you exist at the highest frequency.

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