The Power of Forgiveness 11/18/2023

For many, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year, bringing family and friends together, sharing in a special meal. Ideally, this is indeed a joyful opportunity to cultivate and reinforce the bonds of unconditional love between people and family members across generations.

On a more realistic note, what is your personal experience of Thanksgiving? Are you looking forward to share time with those who still see you as a child, oblivious to any change you make? How do you react when you are innocently reminded of your shortcomings and past mistakes?

Family time can be tricky as your closest loved ones know all your triggers and weaknesses! In turn, you are reminded of their most irritating traits and blind spots!

To support your Thanksgiving journey and create the best possible experience for you, you can prepare yourself with this meditation dedicated to forgiveness. You will be able to address a conflict where you feel or felt disempowered by a friend, a relative or a family member. You will be lead through a precise process in which you will get back your confidence and strength so you can heal completely from the hurt of being unseen, misunderstood, or mistreated. You will study the mechanism by which someone is able to trigger you so you can erase the hidden wounding behind it. The goal of this important shadow work is to help you release emotional pain so you can finally reach a place of inner peace and forgiveness.

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