Your Second & Third Chakras and Your Sense of Self 02/18/2023


The second chakra, under the navel and the third chakra, at the solar plexus (under the ribcage) have something in common: they both hold the sense of who you are and a big part of your human identity. How you see yourself defines how you function in life and how you relate to others, which are the most important skills of being in the world and being alive.

These two energy centers determine your boundaries, how you define what is you and what is not part of you, where you end and where others begin. Knowing what’s yours and what’s not is essential to your well-being and is the key to healthy relationships.

What do you know about your own limits and how you hold your boundaries? To speak about extremes, do you push people away or do you let them walk all over you? Or do you push people away because they would otherwise take advantage of you?

Your second chakra is your ability to include others, allow them to get close to you and say yes. Your third chakra is about standing up for yourself, thinking about what is best for you and learning to say no. How do you balance these opposite energies to have an appropriate response to life’s ever-changing situations?

This meditation is a journey of self-discovery through your second chakra, your subconscious sense and third chakra, your conscious sense of self, bringing completion and balance to who you are.

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