Your Root Chakra: Your Journey Didn’t Start with You 02/04/2023


The first chakra is the energy center at the base of your spine that rules your foundation, your physical health, stamina, and grounding. A healthy first chakra grants practicality, rationality, improves your ability to handle daily stress and manifest what you want in your life.

To be strong and withstand multiple responsibilities, you need a powerful first chakra, which implies reconciling deeply with the earth element, mother earth and the physical plane.

Your first energy center is a reminder that your journey didn’t start with you but with your parents, your family, and your tribe, which nowadays is your community as well as your spiritual lineage, humanity at large and the planet. How aware are you of those who came before you? How much support do you receive from them?

You will then move up to your second chakra, which is where your individual sense of self resides, the center of your vital force that makes you feel alive and supports everything you do in life. Becoming aware of what supports your foundation may be the healing you need to build a strong sense of who you are and thrive.

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