Your Third & Fourth Chakras for Willpower and Divine Will 03/04/2023


The third chakra is the energy center below your ribcage that rules the fire within you, your self-confidence, courage, and willpower. This chakra provides the energy behind your desire for improvement, whether we are talking about upgrading your life’s condition or your personal betterment. Becoming more aware of your third chakra grants you the strength to never give up and thus, in time, to succeed in all your projects.

Doing the best you can do and being the best you can be as a human being are wonderful goals, but at some point in your life you realize that they are not the end of the road of your evolution. Success doesn’t necessarily grant happiness and at some point you find yourself on another quest, the quest to find your special life’s mission and your place in the universe.

You start your spiritual quest when you realize that you can no longer live your life as an act of will but, instead, as an intention to align your efforts with Divine Will, which is a superpower because you are calling upon forces greater than yourself.

In this meditation, you will explore and reinforce your willpower at the third chakra and then, outgrowing competition and judgment, you will bloom into Divine Will, fortitude and faith at your heart chakra, realizing that we are all one.

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