Clarity Mandala


This mandala represents a person absorbed in deep contemplation and exploring the multidimensionality of their essence. The geometrical pattern symbolizes that their energy field has become coherent, meaning every part of their aura vibrates harmoniously as one.

At some point in a mystical experience, there is a shift in consciousness that moves the spirit of the aspirant through a portal to other realms. Energy is always in motion which is why the aura is represented by a vortex of light. I originally made this painting to illustrate the seven main chakras along the spine and their corresponding colors. I guess I got caught up in the vortex!

The chakras in this mandala are made of wooden earrings and engraved pieces of metal that I found in a very old art supply store hidden in a tiny alley of San Francisco. I loved going back in time to find the unique vintage items I could never find anywhere else.

I use this mandala when meditating on my chakras, and I hope it will support the exploration of your energy centers.

– Suteja

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