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Toltec Empire: New Year on March 12

In the ancient Toltec empire, new year on March 12 was celebrated to honor Quetzalcoatl and the rising energy of springtime. The coming year is a time of growth and multiplication so qualities you cultivate will become stronger and enhanced but bad habits may become addictions. The effect of your actions will be hard to

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Divine Feminine Energy: Resistance and Resilience

As the masculine energies of the Iron Age/5th Sun wane, we see the rise of Divine Feminine energy, resistance and resilience being the hallmarks ushering in the Golden Age/6th Sun. Victoria Rue’s latest play, Maryam: A Woman of Bethlehem, embodies the Divine Feminine in brave and uplifting ways that inform, entertain, and inspire. Two Palestinian

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Toltec Empire: 5 Days That Can Change Your Life

The Toltec new year is March 12th each year, but it’s the five days leading up to the new year – March 7 through 11 – that are the most important and potentially life-changing days of the year. In “Toltec Empire: 5 Days That Can Change Your Life” you’ll learn why these days are so

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Venus:Mars Conjunction

Venus Conjunct Mars, Feminine Energy Rises

The ancients knew that once a year Venus and Mars appear close together in the night sky, a phenomenon known as being conjunct. Different traditions interpreted this event in different ways, three of which are explored below. According to the ancient Toltec, in this year’s Venus conjunct Mars, feminine energy rises as never before, and

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Hawk in Sky

Sixth Sun: Meaning for Humanity & You

In a multi-year global pandemic with no end in sight and inflation, unemployment, homelessness, and poverty escalating, we are living in very challenging times. Add catastrophic volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and devastating tsunamis, all broadcast live 24/7, and you get a picture of what is creating our collective anxiety and stress today. This uncertainty about the

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