Venus:Mars Conjunction

Venus Conjunct Mars, Feminine Energy Rises

The ancients knew that once a year Venus and Mars appear close together in the night sky, a phenomenon known as being conjunct. Different traditions interpreted this event in different ways, three of which are explored below. According to the ancient Toltec, in this year’s Venus conjunct Mars, feminine energy rises as never before, and not just during the initial conjunction but through March 2023!

So we can ask, as the ancients gazed skyward toward this current conjunction, what archetypes would they align with in order to support their understanding of nature’s cycles and get insights into their own psyche?

When Venus and Mars collide

During this conjunction, ancients would see in the early morning sky two luminous dots of lights very close to each other, Venus and Mars. Once a year these two planets appear to connect and become one over a period of ten days. In 2022 however, this conjunction, which started mid-February and will last throughout March, gives us plenty of time to discover the secrets of this important celestial recurrence. What does this conjunction mean and what does this change for you? Depending on the frame of reference you choose – Western, Vedic, or Toltec – the answer will be radically different.

Western frame of reference

In the Western understanding of cosmology, Venus and Mars are the definitions, respectively, of the masculine and feminine polarities and characteristics. As immortalized in the book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” by John Gray, no one questions these analogies. Therefore, in the West this conjunction is interpreted as a union of masculine and feminine polarities, emphasizing passionate love and relationship from two highly-emotional archetypes. The power of this union is at its peak on March 12th and recedes by the end of the month when the conjunction ends.

Vedic frame of reference

In Vedic cosmology from ancient India, when two planets are less than one degree apart, they enter into what is called a planetary war. There is a victor and a defeated planet, and both lose a lot of their beneficial power in the battle. Venus is related to love, happiness and union, and Mars is related to courage, initiative and desire.

In the 2022 conjunction, Mars is in the stronger position so it wins this battle. What this looks like in terms of human connection is people tending to take forceful action without collaborating, and demonstrating their power over others in the spirit of competition. Niceties and diplomacy take a back seat until the end of March when the conjunction ends.

Toltec frame of reference

For the ancient Toltec of Mesoamerica, Mars is feminine and related to the ability to create and manifest what we want through the dream world, and the highest forces of rejuvenation. Venus symbolizes the cosmic order, love, and the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine polarities inside of us. The Venus/Mars conjunction marks a shift in consciousness in the collective about how we view feminine energy, giving more power to the right side, the artistic, spiritual side of our brain. Cosmically, the forces of nature are rising and becoming stronger, with more connection, love and respect for the precious mineral, plant, and animal realms of our planet.

This year’s conjunction is the strongest on March 12, the day of the Toltec new year! This makes the Venus/Mars conjunction the energy signature of the entire year, through March 2023. Taking place nine months after the dawn of the 6th Sun on May 26, 2021, this conjunction is also symbolic of the birth of 6th Sun forces which bring forth feminine energies long hidden. For the Toltec, the message is loud and clear. This year is a powerful opportunity for us to change our belief system at the deepest level regarding feminine energy.

Engaging with masculine and feminine energies

This is a good year to engage with the masculine and feminine energies within yourself, within others, and within the collective. Choose your frame of reference thoughtfully and take care to pick what frequency you want to resonate with. Each frequency leads to a different path with varying experiences and lessons. Your destiny depends on how you relate subconsciously to Venus and Mars archetypes.

If your frame of reference is Western, you may experience passionate love in your life. Passionate love can be enlivening and fulfilling. Just remember that passion contains suffering and drama, like jealousy, which provide lessons of their own.

If your frame of reference is Vedic, you may experience war and conflict. The challenge is how to get through conflict without destroying others in the process or letting others destroy you. The battlefield can help you define your sense of self by forcing you to fight for your boundaries and defend yourself, defining who/what you like or want in your life and who/what you do not want in your life, and by deciding who you do and do not want to be.

If your frame of reference is Toltec, you may aspire to a stronger connection with the balance and harmony of the 6th Sun, and to be able to synchronize your destiny with the rising forces of the new consciousness. The 6th Sun is a new era for humanity focused on spirituality and the rise of feminine forces, in nature as well as in our individual and collective psyches. Just remember that inner revolutions bring both internal and external changes.

We are given the opportunity this year to redefine our roles as anima (feminine part of our psyche) and animus (masculine part of our psyche), regardless of the gender we are born into. The conjunction gives us a clear sight about the work that needs to be done to rebalance masculine and feminine energies in our culture and our relationship with nature, so we can bring balance to the planet.

Your choice

The choice is yours. The powerful 2022 Venus/Mars conjunction is upon us and you can use its energy to propel yourself forward. Now is a great time to work on balancing masculine and feminine energies within yourself which, in turn, will empower your relationships to thrive.

Whichever frame of reference speaks to you right now will find a way to express itself in your life. This may be your year to find a new identity, a new sense of self, and a higher meaning to your life. The highest goal this year is to understand your role in this time of major shift .and ITH is here to support you in finding the treasures of knowledge that guide you along the way.


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