Meditation Script for May 2022 Full Moon

Meditation Script for May 2022 Full Moon

By Suteja

3 reasons to celebrate

I am delighted to be with you for a very special occasion, celebrating three major spiritual events. This time is a great time to do spiritual work and there is much to celebrate! This meditation script for May 2022 full moon includes all aspects of this momentous time, and creates the context for the live meditation on May 14th.

First, it is a high spiritual time for the millions of Buddhists around the world, who commemorate the Vesak, the birth of the Buddha, on the full moon of May.

Vesak, birth of the buddha

Second, tomorrow’s full moon coincides with a total lunar eclipse, the second and last eclipse of this eclipse season, following the solar eclipse two weeks ago.

Total lunar eclipse

And third, the full moon of May 2022 marks the one-year anniversary of the Toltec 6th Sun, a new era for mankind, which occurred at the lunar eclipse on May 26th, 2021.

Birth of the Toltec 6th Sun

The time between eclipses

The time between eclipses is considered very magical, a special time in which the veil between the physical plane and other planes of existence is thin, giving you tremendous opportunities for healing and self-transformation. I hope you had time to do plenty of self-healing during the past two weeks before the lunar eclipse tomorrow, which closes this eclipse season.

In today’s meditation, we are going to combine these three spiritual events, the Buddhist Vesak, the lunar eclipse, and the one-year anniversary of the Toltec 6th sun, with a practice that helps you clear out of your life the things that no longer serve you, while honoring the Buddha within you, the divine within yourself.

The Buddhist Vesak

Let’s begin by exploring the three events we are celebrating today. First, the Vesak, the birthday of the Buddha, is one of the most important Buddhist festivals of the year. Vesak is celebrated by over 500 million people across the globe, in dozens of countries. Whether we are aware of it or not, this time of the year permeates the energy field of our entire planet, with love, compassion, and high vibrations.

Celebrating Vesak

Vesak has been officially celebrated since 1950, when the official birthday of the Buddha was formalized by the World Fellowship of Buddhists. Vesak is common to all Buddhists but is celebrated differently according to local customs. Vesak’s date is based on the Asian soli-lunar calendar, and usually falls on the full moon of May, meaning May 15th this year.

Celebrating Vesak

What do Buddhists do at the Vesak? Buddhists around the world send cards to honor the occasion. They do good deeds, bring food to people, and make offerings to their temple. They may decorate their home with lanterns and wear special white clothes to go to the temple.

Celebrating Vesak

Some of them stay at the temple throughout the day and night of the full moon, taking part in processions that culminate in a ceremony called “Bathing of the Buddha.”

Celebrating Vesak

During this special ceremony, water is poured over the shoulders of a statue of the Buddha to remind people to clear from their mind greed, hatred, and other negative thoughts.

Celebrating Vesak

This is a time of chanting, meditating, and reflecting on the teachings of the Buddha. Vesak is a celebration of Buddha’s birthday, his life, his passing, and the commemoration of his enlightenment, which is a form of rebirth at a soul level. This is an opportunity for a spiritual purification and rejuvenation for all.

If you are not a Buddhist and you want to participate and benefit from this beautiful celebration, go inward to become aware of your inner landscape, your limiting thoughts and detrimental emotions, and release anything heavy that prevents your energy from rising.

Total lunar eclipse

The second important occurrence brought by the May 15th full moon is a total lunar eclipse, also called a blood moon, in which the shadow of the earth will completely cover the luminous circle of the full moon.

Total lunar eclipse

The May full moon is about purification and reconnecting with your divine essence. The pure spark of divine light is always with you no matter what you are going through in life. This time is a powerful opportunity to reinforce your connection with your higher self, your soul, and your highest inner guidance. This full moon also closes the portal of the eclipse season until the next eclipse season in 6 months. So what is the effect of the lunar eclipse on your life?

This alignment of the sun, the earth, and the moon, reveals a hidden tension or a contradiction between your conscious mind/ the sun, and your subconscious mind/ the moon. The sun in Taurus gives you the joy to be alive, a sense of purpose and the desire to build something in your life.

Conscious mind (sun) and subconscious mind (moon)

Opposite to the sun is the moon in Scorpio, which brings to the surface something that was repressed in your subconscious, maybe a wound that needs healing. This highly emotional time reveals something you need to know so you can move on. Things may seem to break down, hidden truths may be revealed, feelings and emotions are enhanced. It is recommended that you be grounded and very present in your body, and that you wait a few days to make important decisions.

This lunar eclipse will be visible in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans, and Antarctica. The eclipse starts at 9:15pm Pacific time. You can check the exact timing of the eclipse in your area.

Eclipse path

It is recommended that you do not consume any solid food or liquid during the eclipse. After the eclipse concludes, drink tulsi tea, which is anti-poison, anti-toxic.

Tulsi tea

Anniversary of the birth of the 6th Sun

The third jewel offered by this full moon is the celebration of the one-year anniversary of the birth of the Toltec 6th sun. Many of us celebrated the birth of the 6th sun together at the lunar eclipse of May 26, 2021. The concept of the 6th Sun, which originates from the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, is about a new era for mankind and the next 6000 years on earth.

This major shift in consciousness for our planet, that has been announced by nearly all sacred texts and traditions of the world, gives us hope for the future, and a larger context for the difficult times we are living right now. The belief of a paradigm shift points toward a more balanced and spiritual time for our planet, one which requires everyone to undergo a form of purification, leading to a deeper self-awareness.

The recommended spiritual work to prepare for the 6th sun, is to let go of the anger created by all the injustice you see around you; to become aware of the victim/perpetrator mentality within yourself and release it; and to find activities in your life that balance your right brain and your left brain.

Prepare for the 6th Sun from Meditation Script for May 2022 Full Moon

If you want more information about the 6th sun, you can take the ITH programs, Birth of the 6th Sun and Toltec and the 6th Sun, or read our blog posts on the 6th Sun.

Inner Treasure Hunt programs
Inner Treasure Hunt blog posts

Full moon meditation

This important time is a reminder to stay awake spiritually and to not take anything for granted! Everything changes fast in the physical plane as well as the spiritual plane. You can cultivate a sense of safety by regular spiritual work that accelerates your frequency such as the one we are doing on May 14th.

In the meditation, you’ll have the chance to break your inner barriers and limitations, and receive a tremendous light into your soul for your self-transformation. You will connect with the sun as a representation of the 6th sun. You will vibrate with the highest vibrations of the sun, releasing emotional tensions and cleansing your heart. You will return to a state of unity with the Source by becoming one with the shape and the energy of a mystical representation of the Divine that you love.

Holy from Meditation Script for May 2022 Full Moon

For example, you may become one with the Buddha, an enlightened being in a human form. Or if you prefer a feminine representation, you may identify yourself with Quan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of compassion. You may want to work with the Christian images of Christ or Mother Mary. Choose any embodiment of the Divine Essence that speaks to your heart, and let that essence resonate with the divine essence within yourself.

If you can’t join the meditation live on May 14, ITH members can always access meditations in the Meditation Archive on the Events page of


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