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Meditation Script for Sound Healing With Your Voice

The meditation script for sound healing with your voice is a comprehensive introduction to how sound can be used to address and heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. From the ancients to modern medicine, sound continues to play a crucial role in health.

Sound healing through the ages

If you’ve ever suffered the agony of a kidney stone, your doctor may have used ultrasound to break it up so it can pass more easily. It is an established fact that sound has powerful healing properties. Ultrasound, which is sound above the range of human hearing, is commonly used to accelerate bone and muscle healing, and shrink tumors, since it works on the cellular level.

Long before Western Medicine employed sound for healing purposes, the ancients used it in ingenious ways. Many venerable civilizations of the world such as Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese traditions, practiced forms of sound healing, including chanting special sacred sounds to increase the frequency of the energy centers.

In her book Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, author Barbara Marciniak writes that “The ancients understood that a simple sound could reorganize the body’s structure. Sounds that are harmonious, activate the body and create healing.” She also notes that ancestors composed harmonious chants and hymns to manipulate the intensity of sound vibrations and their capacity to heal.

Throughout India there are temples which include enormous sound columns. The Alankara Mandapam complex in India contains the musical pillars of Suchindram. The four musical pillars are carved out of a single stone 18 feet high, and emit sounds of various musical notes when beaten. In another temple complex, the most notable feature of the Vijaya Vittala temple in Hampi are its 56 musical pillars. Even today, Ayurvedic practitioners use sound as one of their healing modalities because it works.

Sound hallway

Egyptians built temples and pyramids specifically designed to amplify resonating sounds during rituals. For example, it is believed that the King’s chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza was designed to reverberate in order to increase the sound energy from ritualistic chants. The cymatics expert John Stuart Reid notes that his chronic lower back pain was healed while conducting sound experiments in the pyramid.

In the documentary The Pyramid Code , archaeologist Abd’el Hakim Awyan shows how pyramid structures along the Band of Peace are harmonic structures that used sound to heal illnesses. He explains how chambers in the pyramid produced specific harmonics that replicated the harmonics of the cavities of the human body.

In ancient China, healers paid special attention to the way in which sound and color affected people. They saw that color and sound held immense healing power that could be channeled and harnessed. Traditional Chinese medicine has long used six healing sounds that relate to specific bodily organs. The six healing sounds are a set of Qi Gong exercises aimed at detoxifying and strengthening each internal organ. Since Chinese medicine considers that all illness manifests from blockages or stagnations of life force (chi) within the body, the vibration of sound is used as an effective form of healing to clear energy stagnations and stimulate the flow of chi around the body.

There are many more examples of how sound has been used for millennia to heal the body which raises the question, how is sound used to heal today?

What is sound?

Contrary to popular belief, sound doesn’t appear in its natural form as a wave. A sine wave is a mathematical representation of sound but is not its real shape. Sound, any sound, manifests in a three-dimensional form, a sphere, an ephemeral energy bubble, imprinted with a specific geometrical pattern, like a short-lived mandala.

Sound Wave Sound Bubble for meditation script for sound healing with your voice

When you are talking, the sound of your voice creates what science calls compression waves, that push the molecules of air in the shape of a sphere in front of your mouth. The louder the sound, the bigger the bubble.

Sound Bubbles for meditation script for sound healing with your voice

The perfect geometry created by a sacred sound replaces any chaotic energy that could have invaded your energy centers, hence clearing them. Sound brings back divine order within your aura, a phenomenon that will translate for you into a return to centering, harmony and strength.

The power of your voice

The main healing tool of sound healers is their voice. The healer brings their mouth close to the body part of the patient that needs healing and modulates sounds according to their intuition or specific teaching. The patient often reports that the pain or dysfunction has lessened or disappeared immediately.

Voice healing

Energy follows intention. Sound is the perfect carrier wave to transport your intention in a specific direction. If you want to learn more about sound healing and the power of intention, have a look at the fascinating groundbreaking documentary The 1 Field.

In The 1 Field, leading experts Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggar and John Stuart Reid have demonstrated that blood cells contained in a vial can be revitalized by people singing a beautiful chant with healing intention. They propose regular online experiments around the power of a group influencing matter through intention and sound.

The point is, sound is akin to vibration and vibration touches every part of your physical, emotional, and spiritual being. Sound is not just heard through your ears but through every part of who you are. The cells of your body, which are basically liquid contained in a membrane, are ideal recipients for pressure waves, the waves produced by sound.

Sound healing your chakras

What do we know about chakras? The concept of chakras originated thousands of years ago by Hindu Yogis, the seers and wise teachers of India. Through millennia, chakras have been celebrated as the body’s energy centers, and when you awaken your chakras, you help maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual health. By making a new conscious decision at each chakra, you have the opportunity to address problems at their roots, so you can express the best of who you want to be and your highest destiny.

You have seven main chakras that are along your spine, which hold the different frequencies, or the different parts of your identity, that constitute who you are.


The word Chakra means wheel, referring to their circular shape and their ability to spin. According to the ancient Yogic scriptures, the real form of a chakra is a sphere or a ball, and each chakra has a corresponding bija. A bija is a one-syllable sound which has no literal meaning but connects to spiritual principles or energies.

Bija means literally seed, referring to its power to create and its role in the origin of creation. Bija is a metaphor for the starting point or origin of all creation. A bija is the seed from which everything originated. It is believed that these seeds have the potential to accelerate physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and transformation.

Imagine that you are chanting a note of the music scale or a sacred sound, like the sound Om. With the power of your intention, you can command the sound bubble to reach any part of your body and clear any chaotic energy in one of your chakras or your energy field.

In terms of spiritual practices, there are many different things you can do to improve the functioning of your chakras and we’ve practiced many of them at Inner Treasure Hunt:
– You can activate a chakra, meaning energize it and make it stronger.
– You can meditate to improve the alignment of your chakras.
– You can clear your chakras, which is about getting rid of detrimental energies or blockages that could hinder its normal functioning.
– You can also make protect your chakras by reinforcing their boundaries, the protective layers that help maintain their integrity.

So how does sound protect your chakra? Protecting a chakra is about reinforcing its boundary, its protective layer that helps maintain its integrity. Since both sound and chakras are spheres, the edge of the sound bubble resonates with the boundary of the chakra bubble and makes it stronger. Sound naturally surrounds and contains a chakra, decreasing fear and anxiety, and strengthening your boundaries and your sense of safety.

Bijas and chakras

Chakras are energy centers. Because they are made of energy, you can interact with them by focusing on them. Consciousness moves energy in the direction of our conscious or subconscious intention. The seven chakras and their bijas are listed below, along with detailed descriptions of each chakra.

1Base of the spinePhysical body, physical health, stamina, groundingFinances, ability to deal with practical aspects of life and manifest what you want, abundanceYou may feel threatened or unsteadyRedLam
2Sexual area below navelEmotional body, desires, sensuality, subconsciousHow you connect subconsciously and get attached to others, ability to attract a life partner and sustain a relationshipLack the deep desire to be alive and stay aliveOrangeVam
3Below ribcage/solar plexusMind, thoughts and feeling confidentConfidence, personal power, self-esteem, ambition, the desire to improve health, lifestyle or financesFeel self-doubt, shame or overcompensate by trying to control everythingYellowRam
4Middle of the chest/heartFeelings, love, forgiveness, generosity, empathy, how you connect with othersDeepest hopes and aspirations, beauty, what elevates you and contributes to your spiritual evolutionHard to open up to peopleGreenYam
5ThroatPower to create and express yourselfYour voice, power of your words, confidence in expressing yourself, ability to listenTrouble expressing yourself clearly and trulyLight blueHam
6Between the eyebrowsInner vision, intuition, focus, transcendence, unityBelief systems, visual memory, focus, ability to see the big picture and conceptualize abstract thoughtsHard to see the big pictureIndigoOm
7Top of headHigher guidance, connect with the divine, channel forces from the natural worldSpiritual beliefs, concept of the divine, concept of the soul and what happens after deathHard to feel connected spirituallyVioletA

May 28 meditation

On the May 28, 2022, New Moon Meditation we will combine ancient knowledge of the yogis of India with the recent acoustic discoveries of the field of cymatics, a science that makes sound visible to your own eyes. In this meditation, the meditation script for sound healing with your voice comes to life by providing you an opportunity to experience the power of your voice for healing yourself, others, and the planet. You will have the opportunity to energize, clear, align and protect your energy system by aligning your voice with the direction of your intention. And you will learn how to imprint any information you want in sound and send the sound bubble to any part of your body, the body of someone else, or any part of the planet.

If you cannot attend the live online session, you can always experience the recording in the ITH Meditation Archive.

Discovering your chakras is an internal journey that you can take on your own or with others. You can access your chakras through consciousness exercises, meditation, visualization, yoga, Reiki, crystal healing, acupuncture, or other ways of exploring your interior. Our bodies are in a constant flux between balance and imbalance, and bringing awareness to your chakras can help keep you in alignment.

You can extend your chakra exploration by attending the free program Awaken Your Chakras at Inner Treasure Hunt, which is available 24/7. You can also find yoga classes online and in person that focus on chakras. Try several approaches to find the one that works for you.


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Attend the May 28, 2022, New Moon Meditation or if you can’t attend, watch the recording at the ITH Meditation Archive.

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